Why the World is Using WordPress

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WordPress is a CMS that can produce an immense value for your company and for your personal website. It is an extremely intuitive and efficient platform when used for adding content or updating a site. With the number of free tools, plugins, interesting paid extensions and intuitive templates made for WordPress, you can easily start and manage a website through this world class CMS. Beyond that, Boston Web Group can develop “on top of” WordPress, giving you custom WordPress themes and custom WordPress plugins. Did we mention that it is free? It’s free to download, install and use!

An open-source CMS like WordPress means that it is a community software. Anyone (typically developers) is able to maintain and grow WordPress by creating extensions, writing plugins and creating themes or new software items that work in conjunction with WordPress. Any skilled user can add new features and share these features across the community to potentially help out a business or to fix underlying issues with a particular element of the CMS. This open sourced nature ensures that changes can occur on-the-fly, you can have limitless options for extensions and you can share some of the time-saving tricks that you have created with WordPress too. Open source CMS is budget friendly and very easy to update with the wealth of community knowledge.

We recommend using a platform like WordPress because it is budget friendly, customizable and it can be easily updated down the road. WordPress also offers:
  • safety and security
  • easy manageability
  • support of all media
  • customization
To run WordPress, all you need is a domain name and web hosting. We can offer you both! If you haven’t already purchased a domain name, you can go to our website and do so there. When your website is built, it needs a place to live — that’s where hosting comes in. We offer hosting with different packages for a support plan. Check out our website for more information.

If you’ve never used WordPress before, don’t worry. It is easy to use and easy to learn. After building your website, we offer FREE* WordPress training. Plus, we’re always around to answer your support tickets. Let Boston Web Group design you the perfect website!  

*One-time 30-minute training; longer trainings available upon request

Content Marketing: Is It Right for my Business?

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Content is everything. You are using content without even knowing it. It is in everything we do – social media posts, emails, product descriptions and more. That’s all content. The use of this content to help meet a marketing goal is called Content Marketing.

Content Marketing IS right for your business, no matter what your business is. You’re already doing it to some extent, so expanding and upgrading your efforts will definitely pay off.

Content Marketing brings:
  • Strong Brand Awareness:
Content communicates a message to your audience. Whether you are selling a product or writing a travel blog, you are relying a message to your buyers or readers. The more content you have, the more times you are reaching your audience. The more your audience hears from you, the more they know about you and recognize you. This can spark conversation. They could mention to their peer an article they saw on your website and now that peer is checking out your website.
  • Respect in the industry:
Along with brand awareness, your audience will grow to trust you. The more you show your knowledge to your audience, they will keep coming back because they know your website is reputable. This authority transfers to any products or services you sell — making customers more likely to choose you over the competition.
  • Site traffic:
Creating content will bring people to your website — that’s an obvious. The more content you create, the higher chances you have to be seen and clicked on. When you generate traffic to your website, you’re allowing someone to find more information about your company or business.
  • Improved SEO:
SEO wouldn’t be a thing without content. Search Engines use robots to crawl through your website and content. They find information about your site and decide whether it’s important and legitimate. The more content you have, the more crawling a robot needs to do (which is a good thing). The more times you link to your website, the more search engines know you are an active site. Both of these lead to better SEO standings because you prove to the search engine robots that your site is reputable.
  • Customer conversions:
Whether or not your content even mentions a product you’re selling, you could generate conversions. Potential customers who are interested in your content are connecting with you and will likely make a purchase in the future.

In order to expand and upgrade your efforts, think about the quality of the content you’re already putting out. Is it your best product description? Is it convincing? Did you use keywords? When you write content in the future, consider these things. Also think about your audience — who are you targeting? Is it timely? Yes, having more content is better, but having quality content is what brings people back. Content comes in lots of forms: blog posts, landing pages, social media, descriptions, etc.

Content marketing takes time. You will slowly build up your brand and results will come, but they won’t happen over night. Don’t give up!

We’re here if you need help with content. We provide different SEO packages that include content marketing. Contact us today to discuss your options!      

Client spotlight: Wrap Solutions (Video)

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Leverage VIDEO production for SEO

We’ve been happy to help owners Keith Ronan and Jill Carrera at Wrap Solutions with their brand, website, PPC and search engine optimization, and humbled to know that they attribute a large portion of their success to our ability to drive them qualified leads via Search Engine Optimization and PPC.  

Go Wrap Solutions!

Recently, we were able to help out with this great Video Production project, highlighting the enormous growth and capacity that Wrap Solutions has been able to achieve over a short 5 year period.  We had a chance to create this awesome Video about why they are the leading Boston Vehicle Wrap company.

You thought our office was cool? Check out how cool their office is!


Interested in what we can do to grow your business?

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How Content Creation Drives SEO

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content creation seo

Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing have placed an increased importance on unique content in their site ranking algorithms.

Updates with a better search experience in mind have been made to various algorithms that Google uses to determine where pages rank. Google has shifted focus to quality content that is focused on relevant terms. Businesses who have deployed well-intentioned content marketing strategies have benefited from this switch seen the value of their SEO stock rise.

Search engines favor sites that have unique content and sections that are updated regularly. Being able to produce targeted content aimed at keywords that are important to your business is essential to maintaining any rank in the search engine results pages. Now, SEO and Content Marketing work together in a way that allows businesses of all types to gain traction in the search rankings and find new customers fast.

Importance of Unique Content

Having great content that you can call your own will help establish your business as a resource in your particular field.  We call this becoming a “content authority” on your subject matter, and it’s what everyone wants to be.

Search engines love sites that have something valuable and different to offer the world. Displaying a page with content created to specifically answer a user’s query is critical in establishing an authoritative identity. This can go a long way in determining whether you show up at the top of search results to the terms that matter most to you.

The Best Ways to Keep Your Site Updated

regular site updates

There are a number of different ways to keep your site updated in order to be delivering content that is fresh. Search engines prefer giving users up-to-date information and making regular updates is the perfect way to keep your site from becoming static.

Information displayed on pages on your site must always be edited whenever there is a change. Making new pages with unique content to announce a new promotion or event is another way to make sure a site is being updated frequently.

One of the most popular ways to regularly update a site is posting to the site’s blog. Blog posts allow for a number of different forms of media to be used in a way that can attract new users to your site. Staying up to date with important industry news in your field and then posting about it can be a great way to keep your site relevant and appear in the most relevant queries.

BWG’s SEO Process

Boston Web Group can handle every step of the SEO/Content Creation process. Keeping your site updated with unique content is vital for businesses who wish to maintain a commanding online presence.

We understand the importance of putting together a comprehensive content marketing strategy to make sure all content produced has a purpose. Regular updates can also be made to existing posts and pages when an edit is necessary.

The content will be enhanced by technical optimizations that will allow your site to deliver optimized content to users more efficiently than ever. Our SEO expertise allows us to stucture each page so it is clearly labeled for relevant searches.

Contact us today to discuss your Content Strategy and Digital Marketing efforts.

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BWG Custom WordPress Hosting and the Need for Speed!

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Servers Specifically Designed For Wordpress Performance, Speed & Security


If you have high traffic sites built on WordPress that require security, speed and scalability, we can run them 3 to 4 times faster.  

WPHosting: Custom Built Servers

Today’s demands on websites are extremely high, especially with wordpress sites.  Customers expect your website to be available, regardless of how big your pages, or how efficient your server is. For WordPress sites that need specific WordPress hosting, we’ve developed customized server and Stack to specifically handle WordPress.  We are a great choice for starting and developing your wordpress project -most others host on shared servers with LAMP stack. Scale your business by joining hands with the right technology partner On our main servers, we run LiteSpeed on custom-built configurations. This web server is able to handle thousand of requests per minute in an asynchronous manner, making it the best choice for enterprise level websites. For the database we use MariaDB, which goes beyond typical MySQL setups by optimizing its data storage engine to be able to handle complex queries easily and is designed from the ground up to be fast. Running LiteSpeed with MariaDB will give your WordPress website the most optimal speed and reliability for WordPress setups – but that’s not all.  We’ve also added a proprietary blend of caching, SEO considerations, and content delivery networks, to ensure your website is always up and always fast.  Our server security is a sophisticated set of services and tools designed to enhance the security of your data.  We include an advanced firewall, e-mail anti-virus, CDN, and anti-spam systems. We run custom selenium scripts to expose XXS, CSRF, SQL Injection, and other vulnerabilities.  Our maintenance programs are designed to provide you with a proactive service for your WordPress site, where we can update, backup, upgrade, and test for vulnerability- ensuring stability and security.

How fast is LiteSpeed Web Server (LSWS)? Crazy Fast.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

We use CDN services to replicate your website across 100’s of other servers, ensuring that the user will be able to download your website quickly, using the closest server to their physical location.  Cloudflare is a powerful CDN prevents DOS attacks and keeps your site running if it becomes compromised or hacked.  We also provide an SSL, which not only helps with security but also helps your SEO. This is an extra layer of protection and first line of defense for your website!   


Firewall and Brute Force Protection

Advanced Firewall (CSF) and Brute Force Protection (LFD) is installed and configured on your server. All ports which are not needed are blocked off, and we employ both ingress and egress filtering methods to provide the high level of protection against attacks.  We also have a special 3rd part firewall which we can enable for customers, called WPFirewall  

Spam Protection and AntiVirus

We use a custom blend of Realtime Blocklists (RBLS), SpamAssassin, ClamAV Anti-Virus, and SMTP-level hardening.  We can block the 3 major countries where attacks originate from: Russia, Turkey, and China.  We can also block IP ranges and blacklist DDoS attempts permanently.   

Operating System Level Hardening

Starting at the network level, we optimize the Linux TCP/IP stack for maximum performance and then harden the system against common network level attacks. At the Operating System level, we remove all unnecessary packages, disable unused services and processes, and configure system daemons for increased security and performance.
What does this mean? 

Worry Free WPHosting, conducive to best SEO practices, with 99.9% Uptime

Your site is always on.