Boston Web Group is available as your digital support partner.  Make your day easier by delegating the management of your digital properties, assets, servers, and day to day operations.

When you plan for the worst, without a plan for the worst; that’s not good enough for your business.

We are SEO-centric

Our customers enjoy symbiotic relationships in which we create mutually beneficial ROI from our digital efforts. BWG possesses the types of skills you need to keep your customers happy, your web properties running, and your investors smiling.

We are a Full Service Marketing Agency

Has your prior or current agency or freelancer built a great looking (or not weak looking) website and then fallen off the radar? If a 1 month turnaround for a simple update or answer to a question is now considered a fast response, then it may be time to look for other options.

(SLA) Service Level Agreements

We know one size does not fit all, that’s why we’ll customize a plan for you.   You can’t afford to be down without answers, hacked without backup, or taken offline without support. With an SLA or support plan from BWG, your Point of Contact employee can send a single email and we’ll handle it for them.  Now they can focus on what really matters; generating revenue for your business.

Careers- Client SupportGive your employees a break

You have an amazing staff, they do things well, but (unless you hired them as one) they are not web developers nor should you rely on them to become one.  Your staff can update and change your website, but at what cost?  It’s taking them a considerable amount of time to deal with the website, when they could be pressing forward in another direction.

Answers & Knowledge

Our staff has exceptional skills. Your employees may be able to talk and guide on concepts and approaches, but it’s likely that they are not all-knowing gurus in every web/digital/technology/platform.

You Need Results; Right Now

Your staff have moving targets, forced deadlines, and random opportunities which all need  attention “right now”.  Sometimes, you just can’t plan far enough ahead. When that burst occurs, it’s great to have a responsive and versatile digital agency that can handle your requests and get you up and running; right now.

E-Commerce Support

You started your online retail business because you wanted to sell your items or services – not because you wanted to become a webmaster.  As an e-commerce retailer, you have a great need for speed and guidance.  When your product’s success is intimately tied to your own – it’s best to have a plan for the unexpected.

Planning for the best

With a support plan in place, you can rest assure that our team of qualified, knowledgeable, friendly techs are on top of the problem with a solution in hand.  We set up alerts, monitor servers, and field support requests from customers – so you don’t have to. 

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