Client spotlight: Wrap Solutions (Video)

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Leverage VIDEO production for SEO

We’ve been happy to help owners Keith Ronan and Jill Carrera at Wrap Solutions with their brand, website, PPC and search engine optimization, and humbled to know that they attribute a large portion of their success to our ability to drive them qualified leads via Search Engine Optimization and PPC.  

Go Wrap Solutions!

Recently, we were able to help out with this great Video Production project, highlighting the enormous growth and capacity that Wrap Solutions has been able to achieve over a short 5 year period.  We had a chance to create this awesome Video about why they are the leading Boston Vehicle Wrap company.

You thought our office was cool? Check out how cool their office is!


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How Content Creation Drives SEO

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content creation seo

Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing have placed an increased importance on unique content in their site ranking algorithms.

Updates with a better search experience in mind have been made to various algorithms that Google uses to determine where pages rank. Google has shifted focus to quality content that is focused on relevant terms. Businesses who have deployed well-intentioned content marketing strategies have benefited from this switch seen the value of their SEO stock rise.

Search engines favor sites that have unique content and sections that are updated regularly. Being able to produce targeted content aimed at keywords that are important to your business is essential to maintaining any rank in the search engine results pages. Now, SEO and Content Marketing work together in a way that allows businesses of all types to gain traction in the search rankings and find new customers fast.

Importance of Unique Content

Having great content that you can call your own will help establish your business as a resource in your particular field.  We call this becoming a “content authority” on your subject matter, and it’s what everyone wants to be.

Search engines love sites that have something valuable and different to offer the world. Displaying a page with content created to specifically answer a user’s query is critical in establishing an authoritative identity. This can go a long way in determining whether you show up at the top of search results to the terms that matter most to you.

The Best Ways to Keep Your Site Updated

regular site updates

There are a number of different ways to keep your site updated in order to be delivering content that is fresh. Search engines prefer giving users up-to-date information and making regular updates is the perfect way to keep your site from becoming static.

Information displayed on pages on your site must always be edited whenever there is a change. Making new pages with unique content to announce a new promotion or event is another way to make sure a site is being updated frequently.

One of the most popular ways to regularly update a site is posting to the site’s blog. Blog posts allow for a number of different forms of media to be used in a way that can attract new users to your site. Staying up to date with important industry news in your field and then posting about it can be a great way to keep your site relevant and appear in the most relevant queries.

BWG’s SEO Process

Boston Web Group can handle every step of the SEO/Content Creation process. Keeping your site updated with unique content is vital for businesses who wish to maintain a commanding online presence.

We understand the importance of putting together a comprehensive content marketing strategy to make sure all content produced has a purpose. Regular updates can also be made to existing posts and pages when an edit is necessary.

The content will be enhanced by technical optimizations that will allow your site to deliver optimized content to users more efficiently than ever. Our SEO expertise allows us to stucture each page so it is clearly labeled for relevant searches.

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Make a post “sticky” in WordPress

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Hi, many of the customers have wordpress, or ask for it by name. So we’re use to supporting it.

Today someone asked how to make a worpdress post stay on the home page – to make it a “sticky” post.

First you would need to login to your WP-Admin Panel, and open up the post page. Look towards the right hand sidebar where you will see a Publish box. Look at the Visibility> Public> Stick this post to the front page field and click edit.

Check the box to make the post Sticky and publish it. If you want to make an older post stick to the front page, follow the same steps and remember – just click Publish when you’re done!

optimize my wordpress speed

Need for Speed : legitimized

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You’re probably wondering why your site has to be fast in order to affect your SEO. One simple reason; User Experience.

We recently ran some tests on our website. The results are good, our website scored 98/100 on the important metrics, with a load time of under 1 second, and a page weight of about 1/2 MB. Pretty impressive – for a wordpress site. You can run your own tests here: – see any problems on that report? Pick up the phone and dial 781.321.5159.

What does this have to do with SEO?

Google’s mysteriously wonderful algorithm uses myriad factors to determine how to rank your website among search engine results, and deliver good quality to the user on the other end of the keyboard. For the most part, the algorithm’s reasoning is either content (the written text, Search engine friendly URL, the titles, headers, H1’s etc.), the number and manner of relevant inbound links to the site, or measurements of the authenticity of the website itself (age of the domain name, number and quality of inbound links, etc.).

Why is speed important?

In 2010 – Google announced website speed would begin having an impact on search ranking. Now, the speed at which someone could view the content from a search result would be a factor. In other words, how quickly can you deliver relevant content to the person? It’s a user experience metric; and it shows that someone cares about the content delivery – and not just some weird matrix of backlinks from a link farm.

Later that year, in June of 2010 – Matt Cutts from Google announced that slow-performing mobile websites would now become penalized in search rankings. It’s pretty clear that your website needs to have a certain level of speed in order to be taken seriously by Google.

Clearly Google is an extremely intelligent organization, and they want to protect and enhance the experience of YOU – the end user. Faster websites can be interpreted as those that separate the good content from the spam. How fast is your website?

Yelp Me Out, I’m Falling

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Recently, Yelp updated their algorithms for filtering user reviews on millions of businesses. This is a big move for Yelp, who is currently dealing with lawsuits for their practice of filtering legitimate reviews (as Spam) from legitimate customers and extorting businesses to pay them to display the reviews. This practice by Yelp is one of the reasons we do not typically recommend them over other review websites, such as Angie’s List. Along with the undisputable fact that almost every review we receive on Yelp gets filtered.

The new update to their website no longer labels reviews as “Filtered”, now they are “Not Recommended”. This seems just as bad, since they are now explicitly stating you should not listen to these reviews, even though many of them are still legitimate customers with good things to say. This is a nightmare for anyone trying to maintain a solid online reputation. We have been working on finding ways to get legitimate reviews to bypass the filter with little success.

Since it looks like Yelp is only going to continue its practice of picking and choosing which reviews are “Recommended”, we recommend beginning to build an online reputation elsewhere, such as Angies List or Google Places. More reviews in more places always means a better online presence and reputation.