New Launch: Masa

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We’re happy to share with you one of our clients re-brand and launch this past week: Masa Woburn. The Masa brand is well known here in the South End, but the Woburn location has also had phenomenal success.  Moving into the new year, the owners wanted to change the philosophy and entirely re-vamp the brand, menu, interior, and technology. masa-taqueria-tequila-bar-logo-600 The owners hired Boston Web Group to create the brand and identity, and consult with many areas of the new launch.  We provided a scope of new logos to choose from, and landed on this one with the cactus and the casual font.  The owners believe the casual font translates the message well- casual mexican dining. BWG also cranked out a custom wordpress site, because the client is used to wordpress and prefers it.  The website was designed page by page with specific instructions.   order-online We introduced our new hospitality app that offers low cost online ordering and online reservations: The Food Cloud.  Now, the customer can explore the Masa offerings, and make online orders for pick up or delivery – right from the palm of their hands using their smart phone. masa-app The new Masa Taqueria and Tequila Bar is a spin off Masa Restaurant in Boston. It’s a Southwestern concept that went South of the Border. At the Taqueria and Tequila Bar in Woburn we serve creative tacos, craft cocktails, in a casual and fun atmosphere. Masa is located in the same plaza with Whole Foods next to Mahoney’s Garden Center and the Ford Dealership on Route 3. Right on the Winchester/Woburn borderline. Check them out when you’re in the North Shore area !    

Join The Food Cloud today

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It’s almost the weekend, and people are starting to plan out where they are going to eat-in or order take-out. The best way for your restaurant to get noticed is through using The Food Cloud. The Food Cloud provides the platform for your restaurant’s mobile and web solutions. Unlike competitors, The Food Cloud allows restaurants to maintain their brand.


The Food Cloud allows your customers to make reservations, and order online through your website. They’ll also be able to conveniently order through your custom app as well. Having an adequate mobile app opens the door for more business. With the increased use of smartphones, customers are mobile now more than ever. Customers intuitively will use the online ordering system provided through your mobile site.


A large part of becoming a successful business in any industry, is keeping your customers constantly engaged. If you have not yet taken advantage of or have struggled with email marketing, look no further. The Food Cloud automatically adds your customers to a running email list. This will allow you to master the art of email marketing. You’ll be able to easily send coupons, and set up loyalty programs.


You’ll also be sent detailed reports about your day to day business to allow you to plan for the road ahead. Everything will be laid out for you on an eye pleasing and interactive dashboard. You’ll also be able to keep your customers up-to-date with everything.


Our client located on the renowed Newbury Street in Boston, had immediate success with The Food Cloud. On the first day that it was launched, they saw an increase in business with several orders taking place through the new system. Many of their customers also signed up for the email list.


Get The Food Cloud today!.  

And check out our introductory video here:.

Google Helpouts Released

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Have you heard of the newest product from Google this week? It is called Google Helpouts and its’ purpose is to allow professionals / experts in specific fields to extend short “Help Sessions” to individuals via Video Chat for a rate the provider decides. All it takes is a Google account and a means of paying the provider for their expertise.

Many of our clients offer services that could hugely benefit from style of consultation. It has become easier than ever to use your expertise to assist people around the world, instead of only in your local area. It is a great way to give your brand a better name for itself as well as building loyalty towards your company because of the extra mile you were willing to go for the customer.

We are considering setting up Google Helpout session hours to assist our clients (and potentially millions of others) with their needs of WordPress Training, Search Engine Optimization Strategies, Inventory Management needs, Restaurant software, or other basic website questions / conerns. If you are interested in starting Helpout sessions through your business, or are looking to attend one of our upcoming Helpout sessions, get in touch with us today!

Technology Trends in Restaurants

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Every day, companies and restaurants are moving their operations to The Cloud for a variety of reasons, and falling behind the competition here puts you at a huge disadvantage.  Managing your restaurant through web technologies is easier (and more valuable) today than it has ever been, and new solutions spring up on a daily basis.  The important thing to remember when becoming part of this trend is to put decisions in the context of your business’ requirements.

Today, these technologies are seen in things such as online ordering, web based point-of-sale systems, and cloud-driven inventory / restaurant management.  These technologies today are the first step in the direction the hospitality industry will be moving over the next 5-10 years.  While some technology can be used to improve the working conditions and responsibilities of employees, at the end of the day hospitality is still the name of the game, and automation only goes so far with hospitality.  In the upcoming years, technologies are going to focus more and more on delivering a better customer experience to these areas.

With these trends moving the way they are, restaurant owners should ask themselves a few questions:

  • What technologies am I using to improve efficiency in my restaurant?
  • How do I currently interact with my customers outside of the restaurant?
  • How flexible are my internal systems? Will my restaurant be able to operate if they go down?
  • How am I currently tracking resources and generating reports?
  • What are the other restaurants near me doing with technology?
  • How strong is my online presence?

It is likely that there is at least one point here your restaurant can improve upon. The stronger these aspects are, the more efficient your restaurant will be able to operate on a day-to-day basis, and the more prepared it will be as technologies become more advanced.