Why Does My Business Need a Website?

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Every company, big or small, should have a website. But with so many social networks to use, sometimes this gets overlooked. Whether you are a small business or one with hundreds of employees, having a website can be the key to success.

Here are five reasons why every company should have a website:

  1. The focus is on your business’ specific needs:
Many companies believe that their social media presence is enough — but it is not. Social media is crowded; there are thousands of people, different companies, new brands and personal blogs all using the same platform. This means that your presence decreases. Social networks use algorithms to feed the best possible content to their users, rather than list things in chronological order, so even if you’re posting content every day, some of your followers may not even see it. You want to get customers for your business, not compete for attention. This is what happens on social media because of all the distracting items included on a single page. People are likely to click around and leave your page. Having your own separate website will let people focus on your company and what you can do for them. A custom website will help you let them know exactly what you can do and turn viewers of the site into paying customers.  
  1. Get complete freedom with your brand’s online presence:
On social networks, you only have a small space to show your brand. You have to stick within the boundaries of short bios, character limits or certain categories. On a website, you can express your brand with as many words as you please. You can create separate pages to describe your business, list your services, rates and more. You are also able to pick fonts, colors and designs to match your brand.  
  1. Manage day to day operations from one convenient place:
Timeliness is a major key for landing a sale or signing on a new client. Customers want to know that if they reach out to you, you will answer. Having a website allows you to have one place to manage all your connections with existing and potential clients. Instead of checking multiple social media platforms for messages, your website will have a contact form that gets emailed directly to you, ensuring your customers that they’ve contacted you in the best way possible. You will also have the ability to reach your customers by sending emails to them through the address they provided. Websites can also be built to provide calendars or event schedules. If you want to list events to promote or to have customers sign up for, you can do it all on your website. Another perk of having a website is for ecommerce. You can sell things online! On your own website, you’ll be able to manage what is posted, what is written, what it’s selling for, when it’s sold and anything else you may need for that item.  
  1. Attract new customers with Search Engine Optimization:
SEO is the process of maximizing the number of visitors to your website by growing your rankings in search engine results. This ultimately helps grow a business. The higher up your website is in Google search results, the more likely you are to get traffic to your website, which leads to new customers. SEO can be done in two ways: paid and organically. To learn more about SEO, click here. When you use SEO to make your website more visible in search results, you are giving your business the opportunity to reach more people who are potential customers.  
  1. Measure success with in-depth analytics:
Social networks allow you to see analytics and insights into your posts. This means you can see which posts got the most engagement, which ones did the best overall, which ones didn’t do so well and etc. Data like this is only really beneficial for growing your social profile, not your business. On your own custom site, you’ll be able to track how many people are on your site, how long they’re spending on each page, where they found the original link and more. You can focus on what is being successful and use that to your advantage. Knowing information like this will help you build, edit and grow each page to be as valuable as possible to the people that visit your website.

A successful business is centered around one thing: a website. A simple platform like this will not only help your business operate more smoothly, but it can help exponentially increase sales, profit and clientele.

Please contact us if you’d like to get started on creating your new website — or updating your current one! We are happy to answer any questions you may have and look forward to building your website.


Boston Web Group Named Leading Digital Agency

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  Clutch, a B2B ratings and reviews firm based in Washington, D.C. recently recognized Boston Web Group as a leading digital agency in the Boston Area. Clutch uses a unique methodology that takes into account each company’s ability to execute complex marketing campaigns against their level of focus in the industry. The final and most important component is client satisfaction, as measured by collecting verified, client testimonials.


As one of the leading providers of web design, web development, and multi-channel marketing service in the Boston area, Boston Web Group is very excited to be highlighted on Clutch. We pride ourselves on being a one-stop shop for companies looking to increase their visibility with fresh designs and dynamic marketing strategies. We look forward to expanding our portfolio and adding to our list of satisfied clients.

Take a look at Boston Web Group’s full profile to read more about the services offered and the wide range of clients they work with. Check out Clutch to learn more about the evaluation process and their experience covering digital agencies around the country.

ClutchTop Digital Agencies in Boston

Our new (Amazing) office downtown – Torus!

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There comes a time in everyone’s business when you simply outgrow your space. Well, it’s that time for us. We’ve reached critical mass and we have to make hard decisions. The 2500 square foot space that we’ve co-occupied in Arlington center with our friend Kyle Russell from Crystal Concentrics since 2007, has simply become too small for us. We love Arlington center, it’s restaurants – like Punjab, it’s businesses – like Justin Heath and The Computer Cafe, and it’s people.

Although it’s bitter sweet, we have to move. Sure, we could split time, and we are still keeping the internet on and the rooms available, for mail and for those customers who find it more convenient. However, in order to maintain the sort of quality we’ve been known to put out, we need everyone to be together in one location. That location is 333 tremont street, in the theater district. It’s a really exciting location, and we’ve been working on it for months – check out some pictures of it here.

Built in 1963, and used as a church ever since, the completely cylindrical building is truly inspirational. The church of all nations, is actually a product of the united methodist group. Founded by a man called Edgar J Helms– his reputation for helping people with jobs, opportunities, food, and general help in Boston; is equally inspiring. Thanks for helping Boston, Ed! The acoustics in the auditorium of the 70′ diameter building are amazing. As we ramp up, we’ll be opening the doors for private events, and Art Gallery, and a shared office – that means you can join us in our 14k Square foot facility! If you want to take a look at the new building – take a tour and call us. Of you want to keep updated on the progress, stay in touch via facebook – or check out www.333tremont.com

BWG Noted As Honored Business on Angie’s List

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Speaking of people with a list, how about Angie? It’s not exactly Craig’s style, but we do see CL following this model in terms of monetizing the user base. We like Angie’s list, it’s basically a website where housewives can feel 10% more comfortable about who they source from the internet based on reviews and the fact that they can call into Angie’s list and complain. If there’s one thing we know about this business and those customers; they need a lot of hand-holding and story time, and that’s just what we provide very well. When we add in our normal “over delivery” we end up with ecstatic, long-term customers and great reviews. We’re ready for you Angie – put us on top of your list!

Anyway, we’ve been noted by Angies List for great reviews and great service. Check out our listing on Angie’s list here.


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Read Unbiased Consumer Reviews Online at AngiesList.com
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