Adwords Agency Management Costs

Optimize Ads, Maximize Spend, Repeat

True, experienced, and hands-on

Professional Pay-Per-Click management.

We run great campaigns that capture new leads, and remain concerned with what happens after the click.


We have 100’s of clients that benefit from search and display campaigns. Some of these campaigns have been running for years. Our campaigns go beyond just setting a budget and letting it go. We use our massive experience and surround your campaign with helpful tricks that enhance your visibility, with strict guidelines on your budget that lower your CPC (cost per click) and maximize your campaign effort.

Google Partners Boston PPC Boston Web Group, Inc., are recognized Google partners with expertise in managing your Adwords accounts. We’re capable of maximizing your budgets and lowering your cost per click. We’re different, because we include all our costs upfront, and deliver results that you can measure.


We’re Google Partners with a high success rate when running pay-per-click ads, and a transparent billing structure: you pay 20% of your declared spend. We don’t bill directly for your campaign funds – you’ll pay Google directly for their fees, and Boston Web Group will bill you directly for it’s fees. The resulting profits that we create help fuel your business and maintain our efforts in a perfect symbiotic relationship.

Boston Adwords Professionals

We’re focused on creating an ROI that fuels your sales pipeline and supports our efforts to continue serving your account. We leverage our creative skill sets in graphic design, video production, infographic generation, and copywriting to generate clicks, activity, and inquiries that you can monetize.


Our efforts are all focused around your primary goals, your campaign performance, and real results. Do you have proper protocol in place to handle leads? Is your phone line setup to capture calls at off times? We are concerned with what happens after the click.