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The world seems to spend a great deal of time concerned about appearance, style, and presentation. Internet use and online shopping have become a staple of life for most people. It’s wise to hold your Brand and Website to a high standard.  

Know where to Begin

Do you have a Creative Brand Design ? If not, now is a good time to start brain-storming with us about Buying a few Domain names to secure the concepts. Once that’s established, you may opt to have us Design a Creative Logo for your Brand name.  Of course, if you already have all that: the best thing to do is submit us an RFP (Request for Proposal) and a list of some sites you like.      

Boston Web DesignWeb Design, that you will Love

Boston Web Group is comprised of a talented blend of Graphic Design, Web Design, and Coders. BWG possesses core strength in Adobe products, creative art and Graphic Design. We are wizards in Illustrator, with a mastery of Photoshop, and we have Artists capable of creating something without a computer.

This unique blend of talent makes it possible for us to deliver you a website that looks as great as it performs, with minimal compromise. We’ll make it look great, and develop it to make it work great. You’ll end up with an awesome looking website, that has the function you need, and the customer reaction you want.

Let’s get serious about your website design today – contact us here.

Graduating your Digital Acumen

When you come to Boston Web Group, with your concepts and web design goals, we can bring your ideas to life, provide great advice to help with your strategies, objectives and services, to the world wide web.

Web Design and Happiness

We want you to be proud of your new website, it’s advertising power, and it’s ability to make you look great without a break for 365 day a year.  We’re focused on giving you the service you need so that you can share us with your new friends and old colleagues. You can be sure that we’ll go to the extreme to bring you satisfaction, right down to the branded Business Cards matching your custom Website Design.

Beyond Design, into Zen

When you first setup your business, perhaps you were brave enough to go through the motions of purchasing a domain, possibly even the entire Website Design.  We salute you as an awesome educated customer.  Now that you know the ropes, you need someone else to handle the reigns.  Check out our Web Maintennence programs. We also provide complete training seminars, and these regular Training Offers.   Become a Boston Web Group customer.
E-commerce - migration from Big Commerce to Magento

A completely custom e-commerce store built on Magento, imported 2200 product SKUs into the system, custom design.
Custom Software - Pest Identification for customers

The admin uploads pest species images, the customer identifies a pest using the custom form.
Custom Web Software - news syndicate

Custom software that pulls sports stories, feeds, social posts and scores into one central custom profile, displaying only teams you want.
SEO Re-Design Project, Top placement for all keyword phrases

A re-design of a website, retro brand, and SEO architecture
Marketing Agency - Website Design and Programming

Voted #1 internet agency in northeastern United States, and 69th fastest growing digital company
Number one placement SEO project

We manage the SEO success for a client's vertical services, since 2005
International Reservation Platform- Software Development

We manage the day to day development of a fast growing international restaurant reservation software, similar to open table.
Custom Member Database/ Design/ SEO/ Brand

The Boston Chapter of the National Society of Colonial Dames needed a custom design and membership database accessible online to their members.
The Food Cloud - Restaurant Website Solution

A custom and powerful backend management tool for restaurant websites that allows them to offer a custom App, organize leads, reservations, orders, emails, loyalty programs, and more.
National Touring Competition Software UI/UX/Branding

The client's brand mimics that of Red Bull BC one and needed a custom registration system for competitors to sign up for events throughout USA.
DJ Artist Website & Brand

A popular DJ required a mobile responsive website design with custom soundcloud, youtube, and paypal integrations.
501(c)3 Love

A fund that was setup in the wake of a tragic incident that took a young man's life very early.
Fuel Cell Supplier eCommerce Solution & Branding

Client caters to an international network of collegiate customers and required a custom Joomla eCommerce solution, shipping module, and exact match Wordpress blog.
Saving Assets UI/UX/Branding and Portal Software

Custom solution allowing the client to cater to a growing network of sales individuals by "duplicating" the parent site in a multi-level-marketing format.
National Automotive Direct

National Automotive Direct and The Dealer Cloud is a web based software that helps dealers and repair shops sell more cars.
PR Firm UX/UI/Branding & Web Design

A PR firm with an international clientele struggled with a website that was not characteristic of it's style or clientele, we re-created the entire user experience and Brand.
MIT Patented Inventor E-Commerce Store

The inventor gave us a very exact design concept, we re-created and added the eCommerce functionality and with Bank of America.
The FloorLords

One of the oldest standing and most prolific break dancing crews in the world.
Arlington Roofing Web Design & SEO Project

Client had no website and no online visibility, today the client is #1 on Google.
Film Producer Andrew Rakich

UX/UI/ Branding and custom IMDB API for Director and Aspiring Film Producer
International Concierge Associates

Version 2.0 of the ICA website
Small Repair Shop Vehicle Status Software

Custom software and UX/UI for small repair shops to share vehicle status, images, commentary and results online.
Original Political Software UX/UI

We created a quiz system that calculates user votes against the popular use votes and ranks your profile.
Exotic Car Rental Software & Front end Design

We created a custom Car Rental platform on the client's preferred platform (Wordpress) which mimics the likes of large corporate rental systems.
Custom Restaurant Website

A popular radio personality opened a new restaurant and needed a classy user experience with specific design which integrated elements from within the restaurant's interior design.
Attorney John Matheson

We completely overhauled the website for attorney John Matheson for his running of Malden City Councilor.
Custom Design with Branding and UX/UI for Corporate Coaching
The Wilbur Theatre

We completely overhauled The Wilbur Theatres' website. We built them a platform that allows them to publish artists, events, tickets, news, press releases, and a calendar. We increased their traffic by 50%
International Stone, Inc.
Building Restoration Services
Barnett on Washington
Traci Bingham
Red Door
Rothwell Catering

We built Rothwell Catering a new website that is capable of displaying their huge array of dining menus, as well as a complete rebranding of the business.

We custom built Esportudo, a Brazilian hub for sport news and RSS feeds where users have control over their own personalized "dashboards". We also built them a Mural where users contribute images to a giant image board.
Commonwealth Properties
Kens Kickin Chicken

Kens Kickin Chicken is a chicken pot pie restaurant with several locations. We built them a new website to show off their delicious pies.
Boating Around

Boating Around is a boat enthusiast social network geared towards connecting people with similar interests, gathering local data about sea conditions, and browsing inventories from various boating stores.
Small Press Picks

Small Press Picks is a blog / book review website for a local author trying to promote not-so-well-known book titles from a variety of authors.
Gerardos Cars

Gerardos is a car repair shop that recently began selling vehicles. We implemented our Dealer Inventory Software to create them a brand new website.
Mass Youth Committed to Winning