Over 1 billion people are on facebook alone – are you available to them? You already know that Social Media Networking is the next frontier in commerce, but you’re not sure where to start? Let us take the guess work out of it for you.

Social media makes your business accessible

Our simple social media plans cover the basics and the complicated items.  We’ll do the heavy lifting, write the proper content, and deliver across the cast network of potential customers in a timely, fashionable, and professionally friendly manner.


Every large company in America is using Social Media Optimization techniques; to reach people, engage audiences, and connect customers to services. That is because Social Media has revolutionized the way people communicate ideas, thoughts and opinions, and changed the way consumers behave in the market place.


Creating consumable content that your audience re-distributes through out their own networks, citing your page, and engaging in your content, is a brilliant technique to help increase your Search Engine Relevance.  This is why we call this practice “Social Media Optimization” – a term that is very self explanatory.

Content is Queen; Timing is King

We’ve got all the data on your customers, how they interact with social media, and when the most opportune time is to post your well written, relevant, socially engaging content.  It’s like a symphony of the Queen’s content.  You’ve heard this phrase “content is king” tossed around?  Well it’s never been more true than in this setting.  Your fans and followers are just waiting for your awesome content to come down the feed, and when it does, they are more than happy to share, like, tweet, and endorse your posts.  Long live the Queen!

But I have social media already

If you set up a page and parked it, that’s not good enough.  Not having posts with well-written age-specific date-sensitive thought-provoking content that is worthy of your customer’s attention – is simply not good enough.  In other words: setting up a page and dusting your hands of the job is just a waste of your time.  You need and deserve someone with intellect, who will take care in your posts, will gather relevant data, construct it to be presentable to your audience, and condition them to expect that level of quality to simply be synonymous with your brand.  That “someone” is at BWG.


We manage your social media assets so you can pay more attention to the daily needs of your business.  So that you don’t have to. Don’t let another day go by without reaching, engaging, and connecting to your audience. 

Let’s Get Social, For Business’ Sake

Get Social

  • Strategy CreationA scheduled outlook of your social posts
  • Creative DesignProfile Picture/Cover Photo/Background Image
  • ContentThe content, copywriting, creation & artwork is central to the service
  • Weekly PostsThe scheduleed content we'll post or create for the campaign
  • FacebookSetup & optimize your FB business page
  • TwitterSetup & optimize your Twitter account
  • InstagramPosting, tagging, sharing
  • Google+
  • YouTubeWe'll post videos on your blog and channel
  • Audience TargetingWe associate your account with those whom you're interested in
  • CommentingConnecting with, answering, and communicating with prospects
  • ContestsDetermine goals, concepts, rules and prizes for your customers and prospects


$500/ month
$500/ month
  • 4


$1k/ month
$1k/ month
  • 8


$2k/ month
$2k/ month
  • 12


$3k/ month
$3k/ month
  • 18+