Google Introduces updated rules for CBD ads

PPC for CBD, Boston

Dope news, from For the longest time, our CBD clients were unable to run “CBD” ads. That’s because it’s a grey area with the FDA, and the tech giant decided to stay away from it. But now, it looks like Google plans to start serving ads for certain CBD products starting this month. A … Read more

Award: Best Web Developers in Boston 2022

award as one of the Top Web Developers in Boston

We’re excited to be counted among our peers and colleagues and accept this award as one of the Top Web Developers in Boston. This time, the award comes from, and independent research firm that orchestrates reviews on web development companies, and awards them based on certain criteria. Our goal is to connect people with … Read more

3 Digital Marketing trends in 2022

Here is a look at 3 Digital Marketing Trends Your Business Needs to Master in 2022 The world continues to go digital – are you keeping up the pace? If you want to succeed as a business in 2022, it is essential that you master the digital marketing sphere. Digital marketing has evolved over the … Read more

Stanford study on SEO SPOTLIGHTS BWG

A Harvard study on Boston SEO providers, which was covered by Stanford University, about the complexity and effectiveness of SEO.


If you own a business, you’ve probably heard the phrase “SEO” before today. Search Engine Optimization (known colloquially as SEO) is the method by which your website becomes a top-ranked result in Google’s search index. It’s a very elusive practice and can turn into a money pit. Every business wants to be seen first when potential customers search for their product or service. However, getting to the top spot on the search page is a challenge, because Google’s algorithms are nebulous and constantly changing so they can prevent this very thing from clouding their search index. Harvard recently took a look at this topic in a six-month “SEO study” to reveal what’s really going on behind the curtains at Web Agencies, Google, and under the thumbs of the end-users. 

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WordPress 5.8 released, ends support for IE11.

WordPress is releasing 5.8 today, and here’s an overview of the updates. Goodbye, Internet Explorer They’re dropping support for Internet Explorer.  Now, that’s probably not a big deal to you if you’re an end-user. But, to us, IE has always been the bane of every web designer’s existence because of it’s unique way to handle … Read more