Optimal Times to Post on Social Media

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The best times to post on social media are during the times in which the most users are on the network and will see your content. That sounds logical, right? So how do we know when that is?

According to research, there are certain times during the day that are better to post than others. This is called Social Media Optimization, or SMO. We are going to look over the three most popular social media networks: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Studies show that the best time to post on Facebook is between 1-4pm, later in the week and on the weekends. On Saturdays and Sundays, you will see the highest engagement rate between 12-1pm.  


Twitter is a hard network to master because people can choose which users and content they want to follow. In general, data shows that the optimal time to tweet is between 12-3pm during the workweek. Another good time is 5-6pm.


Since Instagram is an app made solely for your phone, users are using it all the time and are engaged all week. Mondays and Thursdays seem to be the best days to post at any time other than between 3-4pm. Videos get the most engagement after 9pm.

Following tricks like these will help optimize your posts. Don’t forget to use hashtags, too!

How we can help you with Business Acquisitions?

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A business acquisition is much more than a financial transaction, it’s a trading of responsibility.  It’s also a magnificent time to leverage digital assets for magnified SEO.

Perhaps you’re now working with a series completely independent websites, which can provide non-reciprocal one-way links to your pages and content, providing invaluable backlinks to your site.

The use of these assets can greatly impact the SEO of your existing site.

Does your business website have a strong search engine presence? While a business purchase can present a good argument to destroy your newly acquired website, you must first gauge the Search Engine power of the website.  It is more powerful than your own?  One of them needs to be dominant, but that does not mean the others will need to immediately die.

How will you create more value? To ensure that a business acquisition is a good long-term decision, think through how you expect the move to increase your revenue. Will you leverage your digital assets for better SEO and gain access to lucrative new markets?   Perhaps you can utilize the newly acquired websites to push out content and news stories that promote your target website’s ecom offerings.

Let your technology department leverage your digital assets to obtain advanced SEO advantages over competitors in the space.


Google Chrome will mark all sites without an SSL certificate non-secure in 2017

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Search listings for sites that are running on an HTTP connection will begin to be marked as non-secure starting in January 2017. Google Chrome displays connection security with an icon in its search results to give users a better idea of what they’re clicking on. Google Chrome currently displays a neutral indicator for pages running on a HTTP connection but there are risks. A website loaded over an HTTP connection can be modified by someone else on the network before it gets to you.

secure site encryption

Avoiding the non-secure indicator on your search listings requires running your site over a secure HTTPS connection. Adding an SSL Certificate to your site will create a secure link to your site. SSL encryption allows all data passed between your server and a user’s browser remains secure over an HTTPS connection. Running your site with an SSL Certificate is needed if you accept credit card info and can add credibility to any site.

Another benefit of using an SSL Certificate is the ability to connect to your site over an HTTP2 connection. HTTP2 is a major revision of the HTTP protocol that was made to run sites more efficiently across the web. Sites running on HTTP2 have significantly faster load times. Up to this point HTTP2 has required that connected sites also have an SSL certificate so data remains encrypted.

In January 2017 Google will begin the process of labeling all HTTP sites as non-secure with pages that accept passwords and credit card info. Research has shown that users don’t see the absence of a secure icon on search results as a threat. Google plans to roll out the new non-secure labels in gradual steps using increasingly strict requirements. By the end of this process Google plans to label all sites running over an HTTP connection as non-secure.

secure site with https

The non-secure indicator, which will be displayed in the url bar, is a clear message from Google that it thinks the future of the web should be encrypted. The change will make listings for sites that are still running on insecure HTTP connections more pronounced. Sites that get labeled with the insecure indicator will likely see a large decrease in traffic as users learn more about what it means in regards to their online security.

Beginning in 2017 any site that expects to get significant traffic from search listings should have an SSL Certificate and run over HTTPS. Google has made it clear that it feel HTTP provides no data security. Boston Web Group is an expert at adding SSL Certificates to sites to establish a secure connection. Keep getting clicks from the listings for your pages by getting an SSL Certificate installed by BWG.

How Content Creation Drives SEO

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content creation seo

Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing have placed an increased importance on unique content in their site ranking algorithms.

Updates with a better search experience in mind have been made to various algorithms that Google uses to determine where pages rank. Google has shifted focus to quality content that is focused on relevant terms. Businesses who have deployed well-intentioned content marketing strategies have benefited from this switch seen the value of their SEO stock rise.

Search engines favor sites that have unique content and sections that are updated regularly. Being able to produce targeted content aimed at keywords that are important to your business is essential to maintaining any rank in the search engine results pages. Now, SEO and Content Marketing work together in a way that allows businesses of all types to gain traction in the search rankings and find new customers fast.

Importance of Unique Content

Having great content that you can call your own will help establish your business as a resource in your particular field.  We call this becoming a “content authority” on your subject matter, and it’s what everyone wants to be.

Search engines love sites that have something valuable and different to offer the world. Displaying a page with content created to specifically answer a user’s query is critical in establishing an authoritative identity. This can go a long way in determining whether you show up at the top of search results to the terms that matter most to you.

The Best Ways to Keep Your Site Updated

regular site updates

There are a number of different ways to keep your site updated in order to be delivering content that is fresh. Search engines prefer giving users up-to-date information and making regular updates is the perfect way to keep your site from becoming static.

Information displayed on pages on your site must always be edited whenever there is a change. Making new pages with unique content to announce a new promotion or event is another way to make sure a site is being updated frequently.

One of the most popular ways to regularly update a site is posting to the site’s blog. Blog posts allow for a number of different forms of media to be used in a way that can attract new users to your site. Staying up to date with important industry news in your field and then posting about it can be a great way to keep your site relevant and appear in the most relevant queries.

BWG’s SEO Process

Boston Web Group can handle every step of the SEO/Content Creation process. Keeping your site updated with unique content is vital for businesses who wish to maintain a commanding online presence.

We understand the importance of putting together a comprehensive content marketing strategy to make sure all content produced has a purpose. Regular updates can also be made to existing posts and pages when an edit is necessary.

The content will be enhanced by technical optimizations that will allow your site to deliver optimized content to users more efficiently than ever. Our SEO expertise allows us to stucture each page so it is clearly labeled for relevant searches.

Contact us today to discuss your Content Strategy and Digital Marketing efforts.

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Join The Food Cloud today

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It’s almost the weekend, and people are starting to plan out where they are going to eat-in or order take-out. The best way for your restaurant to get noticed is through using The Food Cloud. The Food Cloud provides the platform for your restaurant’s mobile and web solutions. Unlike competitors, The Food Cloud allows restaurants to maintain their brand.


The Food Cloud allows your customers to make reservations, and order online through your website. They’ll also be able to conveniently order through your custom app as well. Having an adequate mobile app opens the door for more business. With the increased use of smartphones, customers are mobile now more than ever. Customers intuitively will use the online ordering system provided through your mobile site.


A large part of becoming a successful business in any industry, is keeping your customers constantly engaged. If you have not yet taken advantage of or have struggled with email marketing, look no further. The Food Cloud automatically adds your customers to a running email list. This will allow you to master the art of email marketing. You’ll be able to easily send coupons, and set up loyalty programs.


You’ll also be sent detailed reports about your day to day business to allow you to plan for the road ahead. Everything will be laid out for you on an eye pleasing and interactive dashboard. You’ll also be able to keep your customers up-to-date with everything.


Our client http://bostonkashmir.com located on the renowed Newbury Street in Boston, had immediate success with The Food Cloud. On the first day that it was launched, they saw an increase in business with several orders taking place through the new system. Many of their customers also signed up for the email list.


Get The Food Cloud today!.


And check out our introductory video here:.