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It’s almost the weekend, and people are starting to plan out where they are going to eat-in or order take-out. The best way for your restaurant to get noticed is through using The Food Cloud. The Food Cloud provides the platform for your restaurant’s mobile and web solutions. Unlike competitors, The Food Cloud allows restaurants to maintain their brand.


The Food Cloud allows your customers to make reservations, and order online through your website. They’ll also be able to conveniently order through your custom app as well. Having an adequate mobile app opens the door for more business. With the increased use of smartphones, customers are mobile now more than ever. Customers intuitively will use the online ordering system provided through your mobile site.


A large part of becoming a successful business in any industry, is keeping your customers constantly engaged. If you have not yet taken advantage of or have struggled with email marketing, look no further. The Food Cloud automatically adds your customers to a running email list. This will allow you to master the art of email marketing. You’ll be able to easily send coupons, and set up loyalty programs.


You’ll also be sent detailed reports about your day to day business to allow you to plan for the road ahead. Everything will be laid out for you on an eye pleasing and interactive dashboard. You’ll also be able to keep your customers up-to-date with everything.


Our client located on the renowed Newbury Street in Boston, had immediate success with The Food Cloud. On the first day that it was launched, they saw an increase in business with several orders taking place through the new system. Many of their customers also signed up for the email list.


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