Google Helpouts Released


Have you heard of the newest product from Google this week? It is called Google Helpouts and its’ purpose is to allow professionals / experts in specific fields to extend short “Help Sessions” to individuals via Video Chat for a rate the provider decides. All it takes is a Google account and a means of paying the provider for their expertise.

Many of our clients offer services that could hugely benefit from style of consultation. It has become easier than ever to use your expertise to assist people around the world, instead of only in your local area. It is a great way to give your brand a better name for itself as well as building loyalty towards your company because of the extra mile you were willing to go for the customer.

We are considering setting up Google Helpout session hours to assist our clients (and potentially millions of others) with their needs of WordPress Training, Search Engine Optimization Strategies, Inventory Management needs, Restaurant software, or other basic website questions / concerns. If you are interested in starting Helpout sessions through your business, or are looking to attend one of our upcoming Helpout sessions, get in touch with us today!