WORDPRESS Error “Cookies are Blocked or Not Supported by Your Browser”

Have you worked on a WordPress site for more than 5 minutes? Then you’ve probably run into this “cookies are blocked” WordPress error message. This one really bugs me, so let’s take a quick look at some ways to resolve this. First: Quick FixES Here’s the really quick fix that might work for you and … Read more

The Iron Town Diner

The Iron Town Diner, located in Saugus has been creating quite a buzz since they opened in 2013. Owner George Varelis’ family has been in the restaurant business his whole life. It was a natural choice for him to follow in their foot steps, and he knocked it out of the park. The Iron Town … Read more

WordPress 5.5 Breaking Plugins and Themes

On August 11th, WordPress Version 5.5 “Eckstine” was rolled out for websites powered by the world’s most popular content management system. Over 10,000 websites have been updated, however; many of them are breaking after making the change. One of the major reasons for this bug is essentially deprecated support for the Javascript “jQuery Migrate” Library. … Read more

WooCommerce 3.5.1 is here!


If you’re currently running an ecommerce store on WooCommerce, you’re going to have to update to WooCommerce 3.5.1. The new WooCommerce update has been under development since May and is about to make WooCommerce management and user experience a lot easier with a number of helpful new features. Though it’s being considered a “minor update” … Read more

Get SEO Value with YouTube Videos

Boston Creative Agency

Did you know that online users are more likely to interact with videos than they are with text? Many users would much rather watch a minute-long video rather than take the same amount of time to read text. Videos give online users a much better view of products and services that they may be interested … Read more