BWG Custom WordPress Hosting, and the “Need for Speed!”

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Managed WordPress Hosting Servers Specifically Designed For Wordpress Performance, Speed & Security We run wordpress up to 4x faster than your host – here’s how. WP Managed Hosting: Custom Built Servers Today’s demands on websites are extremely high, especially with wordpress sites.  Customers expect your website to be available, regardless of how big your pages, or how … Read more

PHP 7 Released!

Woohoo!!! At BWG we develop a majority of our apps and websites using the PHP programming language. The exciting news is that PHP version 7 was released moments before this post went up. The best part of PHP 7 is that once we upgrade, our client’s sites will run up to 100% faster and handle … Read more

New Server Build – Ludicrous Speed


At Boston Web Group, we’re always innovating and working on pushing the envelope of technology. We’re pleased, no, ecstatic to announce our next-generation web hosting platform. Our R&D work with other clients has helped us develop a web hosting platform that is the fastest and most scalable hosting offered by a Boston-based digital agency. Most … Read more