BWG Custom WordPress Hosting, and the “Need for Speed!”

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We run wordpress up to 4x faster than your host – here’s how.

WP Managed Hosting: Custom Built Servers

Today’s demands on websites are extremely high, especially with wordpress sites.  Customers expect your website to be available, regardless of how big your pages, or how efficient your server is. For WordPress sites that need specific WordPress hosting, we’ve developed customized server and Stack to specifically handle WordPress.  We are a great choice for starting and developing your wordpress project -most others host on shared servers with LAMP stack. Scale your business by joining hands with the right technology partner

Managed WordPress Hosting, with security, speed and reliability.

Let’s get technical, shall we? We’re neurotic about website speed, and we’ve got loads of research data about server technology. So let’s look at some general configurations. On our main servers, we run LiteSpeed with some custom-built configurations, just for WordPress. This web server is able to handle thousand of requests per minute in an asynchronous manner, making it the best choice for enterprise level websites, but also anyone that just wants a really fast, well-performing site. For the database we use MariaDB, which goes beyond typical MySQL setups by optimizing its data storage engine to be able to handle complex queries easily. It’s designed from the ground up to be fast, we love it. Running LiteSpeed with MariaDB will give your WordPress website the most optimal speed and reliability for WordPress setups – but that’s not all.  We’ve also added a proprietary blend of caching, SEO considerations, and content delivery networks, to ensure your website is always up – and always fast.  The best thing about Managed WordPress hosting, is you can focus on your core business, and not deal with technical issues that arise from the pitfalls of using the world’s most popular open-source CMS. 

Our server security is a sophisticated set of services and tools designed to enhance the security of your data.  We don’t offer cPanel for wordpress, like most hosts do, and in doing so we’ve cut out a significant amount of security concern. By the way, cPanel is available- just not for wordpress. For added security, our techs include an advanced firewall, e-mail anti-virus, CDN, and anti-spam systems. We run custom selenium scripts to expose XXS, CSRF, SQL Injection, and other vulnerabilities.  Our maintenance programs are designed to provide you with a proactive Managed WordPress hosting service for your WordPress site – where we can update, backup, upgrade, and test for vulnerability- ensuring stability and security. Giving you freedom to worry about the more important things in life. Like lunch. Aren’t you hungry? You could be eating if we were hosting your wordpress site. 

 Let’s Look at LiteSpeed.

How fast is LiteSpeed Web Server (LSWS)? Crazy Fast.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

We use CDN services to replicate your website across 100’s of other servers, ensuring that the user will be able to download your website quickly, using the closest server to their physical location.  Cloudflare is a powerful CDN prevents DOS attacks and keeps your site running if it becomes compromised or hacked.  We also provide an SSL, which not only helps with security but also helps your SEO. This is an extra layer of protection and first line of defense for your website! 

Let’s Look at the CDN.

Managed Hosting CDN

Firewall and Brute Force Protection

Advanced Firewall (CSF) and Brute Force Protection (LFD) is installed and configured on your server. All ports which are not needed are blocked off, and we employ both ingress and egress filtering methods to provide the high level of protection against attacks.  We also have a special 3rd part firewall which we can enable for customers, called WPFirewall

Spam Protection and AntiVirus

We use a custom blend of Realtime Blocklists (RBLS), SpamAssassin, ClamAV Anti-Virus, and SMTP-level hardening.  We can block the 3 major countries where attacks originate from: Russia, Turkey, and China.  We can also block IP ranges and blacklist DDoS attempts permanently. 

Operating System Level Hardening

Starting at the network level, we optimize the Linux TCP/IP stack for maximum performance and then harden the system against common network level attacks. At the Operating System level, we remove all unnecessary packages, disable unused services and processes, and configure system daemons for increased security and performance.

What does all this mean? 

Awesome WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress hosting means you wont have to worry about your site being hacked, because it’s out of date, or you’ve had plugins carelessly added into your site over the years causing massive vulnerabilities. After all, faster servers are most conducive to best SEO practices, with 99.9% Uptime.

Your site is always on.