PHP 7 Released!


At BWG we develop a majority of our apps and websites using the PHP programming language. The exciting news is that PHP version 7 was released moments before this post went up. The best part of PHP 7 is that once we upgrade, our client’s sites will run up to 100% faster and handle tremendously more traffic than PHP 5.5 which is what were currently running on our servers


Why are we making such a big deal out of this?

  • We’re a bunch of computer geeks. Any fun new toy is exciting.
  • 100% performance improvement without having to rewrite code.
  • PHP 7 is less memory-hungry than the version it replaced.
  • Once we upgrade PHP 7 will allow us to handle more traffic on the servers that host our clients’ websites.
  • PHP 7 crushes the previous generation of PHP!

Let’s have some pretty benchmark graphs!

PHP 7 WordPress Benchmark

As you can see, PHP 7 can handle 2.6 times more traffic per second than PHP 5.6!

We run LiteSpeed on our web servers so we can expect amazing performance for the WordPress websites we host. We also support HTTP/2 (you need an SSL certificate to make HTTP/2 work). PHP 7 and HTTP/2 make your WordPress site really fly!

PHP 7 was just released. We’re still testing it out and will make it generally available to our clients in 2016. Learn more about PHP 7 here