Our new (Amazing) office downtown – Torus!

There comes a time in everyone’s business when you simply outgrow your space. Well, it’s that time for us. We’ve reached critical mass and we have to make hard decisions. The 2500 square foot space that we’ve co-occupied in Arlington center with our friend Kyle Russell from Crystal Concentrics since 2007, has simply become too small for us. We love Arlington center, it’s restaurants – like Punjab, it’s businesses – like Justin Heath and The Computer Cafe, and it’s people.

Although it’s bitter sweet, we have to move. Sure, we could split time, and we are still keeping the internet on and the rooms available, for mail and for those customers who find it more convenient. However, in order to maintain the sort of quality we’ve been known to put out, we need everyone to be together in one location. That location is 333 tremont street, in the theater district. It’s a really exciting location, and we’ve been working on it for months – check out some pictures of it here.

The first floor of our space at 333 tremont

Built in 1963, and used as a church ever since, the completely cylindrical building is truly inspirational. The church of all nations, is actually a product of the united methodist group. Founded by a man called Edgar J Helms– his reputation for helping people with jobs, opportunities, food, and general help in Boston; is equally inspiring. Thanks for helping Boston, Ed! The acoustics in the auditorium of the 70′ diameter building are amazing. As we ramp up, we’ll be opening the doors for private events, and Art Gallery, and a shared office – that means you can join us in our 14k Square foot facility! If you want to take a look at the new building – take a tour and call us. Of you want to keep updated on the progress, stay in touch via facebook – or check out www.333tremont.com