The Evolution of Web Design – 1989-1995


Web design is an extremely young field (think browser-less late 80s as a good starting point) and yet the changes that took place in those 20 something years are nothing short of explosive! As hard as it is to believe it, at one point there was no CSS and no browsers but the web designer … Read more

Web Design Trends 2015 – Ghost Buttons

Ghostly International

One of the web design trends that survived the transition from 2014 to 2015 is the rise of ghost buttons. Ghost buttons (also known as ‘empty’ or ‘hollow’ buttons) are transparent buttons bordered by a very thin line and text inside them is usually printed in light sans-serif font. Ghost buttons also tend to be … Read more

SEO Moving Forward: Plan for Google’s Algorithm Updates

As 2015 draws closer, the state of SEO is becoming less and less defined. Over the past year Google, the world’s leading search engine, has released numerous updates to their search algorithms in order to fine-tune how websites are ranked in their search results. The biggest change was to the Panda Update, a filter intended … Read more

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Panda 4.0: Helping Small Businesses Kick Butt


Google, the godfather of Search, has leveled the playing field of search engine optimization. Google’s release of Panda 4.0 helps small businesses while hurting bigger more well-known web brands known for publishing low-quality content. Google’s Matt Cutts announced that Panda 4.0, a new algorithm designed to rank the best sites for search engine results, has … Read more

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