Video Strategy for Advanced SEO

When our agency takes on your SEO project, it’s more complicated than creating relevant backlinks.  Sure, we also do that, but the main goal is to suffice the Google engine and present you as a content authority on your topic.

SEO Strategy

Let’s take a step back and remember: Google is a service provider, and we are their clients.  That said, Google has a job of returning relevant search results to us.  They do this by determining search relevance, redefining their algorithms, and collecting data on activity. Here’s a quote from Anthony DeMarco about SEO given during a speech at a business summit in Boston, from 2019:
Anthony DeMarco - SEO Speaker
“Google is like the teacher, grading the students. When you ask the teacher “who are your top students” they have immediately thought of 3 answers to give you. That answer is based on class participation, their grades, and their attendance. So, basically if you want to be noticed.. (in the classroom) makes sense to be the loudest kid with your hand up the most.  That’s where we come in – we make you the loudest kid in the classroom”
We love to leverage various types of content, depending your your market, service, competitors, target audience, and objectives. We don’t reveal too much about our process here, because we tailor the process to your goals.

Video SEO

Let’s take a look at one special type of level two content: video content. Video is something we love to leverage in order to help you succeed in your quest to become easily found in Google’s search engine index. We do all of our video production in house, with our own equipment. Most of the video content would be roughly 1 minute, we have clients that do 1-2 short videos per month. Usually there’s an “overview” video that sets the tonality of the brand, and begins a series of recognizable content that appears to be from the same family.  We do this by creating special “bookends” which are essentially intro/outro animations that typically include really interesting logo animations.
Making content for SEO requires a commitment to the goal, because SEO doesn’t just “happen” overnight. We layout a schedule of posts, using our proprietary method, and publish them for you. The frequency of video releases is really based on your own needs, and typically decided in advance. Perhaps you have 24 service areas, we’d make two every 30 days and the content would last throughout the year.

Our Video SEO Process

In most cases, it might make sense to highlight previous case studies that are representative of the “types” of client you want, and talk about that success. The final product would be a finished piece, on your youtube channel.  We can produce a great “overview” video, with licensed or original music, great logo animation, and compelling transitions. In other words – no talking heads or microphones needed, rather, a video that highlights some of your strongest services, tenets of business, and perhaps a unique selling proposition.
Here’s a quick example of an overview video, no speaking, just licensed music, creative editing, and some keyword phrases.
You can give our team something of a mission statement, or a paragraph that would “Say” what you want the video to communicate, and our team can work with that alone. The first step is to contact us and give us the story about what you do, and what you’d like to accomplish with our Boston SEO service. We’ll chart a course for you and get into the details.
Setting up a video shoot to emphasize your services is not only a great idea for your clients, but it’s also a brilliant way to leverage content for your brand, so we can make you “the loudest kid in the classroom” – we’ll leave the grades up to you and your customers.
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