Business Development

From Seed to Sequoia, we grow your business

Business Analysis

Boston Web Group has extensive experience, we can provide a business analysis in the context of brand development and business process. Doing this can help you decide on successful strategy, proper domain choices, brand and identity, custom work flow, and other customized website processes.

Brand Development

Making a website is just not enough. Prior to that, you should think about your brand and it’s effect on your audience. The way your business speaks to your clientele, your employees, and the general public at large – are the components of your Brand + Identity. We’ve created 100’s of logos over the past 2 decades, and launched 1000’s of websites that hit the street looking right, from day one.

Business Process

Looking at your business process requires a broad understanding of how your business operates on the ground. We use software and automation to complement the way your website behaves, and functions, so that it will make your business process(es) flow smoother. We can refine the business website(s) so that they integrate with popular CRMs, Shipping dashboards, payment processors, and other business-critical components.

Consultation & Discovery

We’ll set some initial meetings to collaborate on flow, process, documentation, and techniques that help us understand your needs, and your customer’s needs. We’re also agile enough to help you deal with any emerging changes, and keep up with the latest technology.


Our project managers and design team work together with you during the project to ensure accuracy and quality, and timeliness.


Our main priority is to satisfy your needs, deliver your software, and exceed your expectations. The Boston Web Group team is an award-winning, google-partnered, full service Digital Marketing agency in Boston that enjoys a solid 5-star reputation at all our locations. We’re easy to work with, efficient, with a business acumen that is consistent with our combined 100 years in business.


Our team members operate at a high standard of performance, executing complicated tasks and creating beautiful new Brands with corresponding websites. When the initial build is complete, we’re ready to initiate an advertising campaign.