Why SEO is important for Real Estate?

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The term SEO which means Search Engine Optimization is a must for every single business today. Without Real Estate SEO, your brand will cease to survive in a fast transforming digital world. With the sudden boom in the real estate industry, major players are shifting towards providing the best customer experience through their website rather … Read more

WordPress Plugin for YouGotListings

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With massive providers like Trulia and Zillow – it’s clear that there is a huge market for providing the real estate sector with online tools. Technology like BWG IDX and plugins like BWG-YGL for YouGotListings.com have helped to re-define the way brokers and realtors use technology within the real estate industry. We’ve also blazed the trail for realtors who … Read more

WP-CLI Is Here!

A majority of our clients leave the technical details for us to handle with their sites and hosting. We do have a handful of more technical clients that appreciate any extra “geek toys” we can throw at them. For our geeky BWG clients, we installed wp-cli, a Linux command line tool for WordPress site administration. Also our … Read more

CRM – customer relationship management

What are CRM’s ? Only the single most important part of your business and the thread that holds together your sales procedures. If you’re like us, you’ve looked at every single CRM searching for the holy grail, and spent countless hours researching the reviews, features, and other shortcomings/benefits. Sure, we’ve built custom ones, customized CRM … Read more