Entering 2021 : Technology Trends and Predictions

Anthony DeMarco, a content authority on the subject of SEO and Strategy for Boston Web Group, has an article that was published on CIO Magazine’s website recently.  Here is the content of the article, and a link to the website where the article can be viewed.


Innovation, Technology, and Convenience: Entering 2021

As we exit a troubling year, the rearview mirror shows us that 2020 brought us closer together by bringing us farther apart. Our use of technology to bridge the divide (created by the rise of a global pandemic) has brought about the innovation required for society to function – at some level of normalcy. Following the rise of a the coronavirus in early 2020, people quickly learned that tech, apps, and software are fundamental to our modern culture.

In 2021 people have learned alternative methods of communication, commerce, and production. The digital market has exploded with requests to help us find ways to connect safely in the new “touchless” economy. The world is connecting by video chat, working remotely, and shopping online for goods. The demand for more high tech services is increasing, daily. The digital industry is answering that call.
In 2021, businesses will increase their use of tech & software reliance by an average of 50% over the next 12 to 18 months. More and more businesses will find it harder and harder to maintain healthy profits without the use of technical innovation. Digital improvisations, and digitized business processes, will become extremely important for businesses in the new “touchless” economy.
Ecommerce platforms for small business will become one of the top areas of business activity in 2021. Amazon has been leading the charge in this 450B dollar industry. The small businesses are learning how to compete on their local levels using similar techniques. The Digital consultants in this area of business, such as Boston Web Group, will have lucrative futures and endless amounts of work. Business owners will relish in the beauty of digital automation for their businesses as they enter into a rapidly-growing global online marketplace.
As we expand our use of tech, online shopping, and touchless communication – we’ll see the inevitable rise of cyber security sector. People will see and understand the vital need for security. Business owners, and consumers, will recognize a clear need for a professional level of protection from phishing, hacking, and malware on their personal (and business) devices. Maintaining secure networks, servers, and devices will be a growing area of concern in 2021. Boston Web Group has identified this and taken initiative to upgrade their entire 100TB+ server cluster to better service it’s client base.
Virtual assistance will become another new area of growth in the economy for 2021. More people are working from home, and hiring remote workers to help with day-to-day processes. This will open up the options for business owners and expand potential recruits from their local ecosystem to a massive global job market.
In 2020 we learned how important tech is. In 2021, we will see enormous growth by embracing tech. We rely on technology heavily, every day. If businesses aren’t offering digital services, they may risk losing a significant portion of their revenue. Now, more than ever, the world is looking toward technology for innovation, convenience, and survival.

Anthony DeMarco Boston