Boston Web Group wins Award: Best Advertising Agency, Boston

We’re excited and elated to receive another award from, this time, for Best Advertising Agency in Boston. We’re humbled by this recognition, and grateful for our clients and their new, fascinating, and challenging projects.

Along with this award, we also have received these awards for: Best Web Design Agency Boston, and Best Web Developer Boston.

The difference in these awards is as follows:

Web Design: This process entails someone with design skills to bring aesthetic into the fold between code and graphics. The web designer has skills as a graphic artist using their skills to design the mockup, the layout, the user interface, and visual appearance of a website.

Web Developer: The website developer usually does not possess an artistic bone in their body. However, when it comes to structure, configuration, load times, best practice, file types, Managed hosting, security, functionality, and overall harmony and management of your CMS or WordPress Website Design, the Web Dev is the master of her realm.

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Best Web_Developer_Boston
Best Advertising_Agency_Boston
Our newest award

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