Why SEO is important for Real Estate?

The term SEO which means Search Engine Optimization is a must for every single business today. Without Real Estate SEO, your brand will cease to survive in a fast transforming digital world. With the sudden boom in the real estate industry, major players are shifting towards providing the best customer experience through their website rather … Read more

3 Major Updates That Google Implemented This Quarter

Change is the only constant thing in the world people say. Whether it is connected to our lives or not, but it is definitely more significant in the case of Google Updates. Yes, the internet giant is known to give surprises all of a sudden with a series of updates. What is even more surprising … Read more

The Importance of Company Culture


Company culture is an essential part of any modern workplace environment. A strong company culture helps employees and clients feel more comfortable when interacting with a company because they know what to expect. Presenting a strong company culture can also reinforce the idea that a company cares about it’s employees. Any company who chooses to … Read more

Boston SEO Do’s and Don’ts


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an ever changing world as the algorithms determining the most valuable content and SEO best practices are updated. We’re constantly learning here at Boston Web Group how to appease Google & other search engines to get our clients’ sites showing up on the top of page 1. Though optimizing for … Read more