Youtube Videos

YouTube is a great way to simultaneously cut costs on Video Hosting, and also gain premium exposure on the top social networking site for video content. When setting up your YouTube account, you’ll automatically have your own YouTube Channel.

The YouTube channel houses all of your company’s videos in chronological order along with a short description of the organization.


Of course, it goes without saying that you will also want to decorate your YouTube Channel page, with banner/icon images of the correct dimensions.

Now you need to create your main YouTube Channel Video.

The Channel Video is the introduction to your YouTube Channel.

When an unsubscribed viewer lands on your channel, the channel video will play to entice additional viewership through Subscriptions.

Channel Videos are important for a few reasons. They are as follows:

  1. They serve as a quick introduction to your YouTube channel
  2. Channel Videos provide customers or viewers know what your business and channel is all about.
  3. They serve as Virtual Leave-Behinds. When a client wants a little more info about your business you can send them this link. What tells your story better than video?
  4. Your message is consistent.
  5. Better search results.

Channel videos should be designed to direct folks to additional areas of their channel as well. These sections are called Playlists.

Playlists are basically the sub-genres that make up your business. For instance, you could create playlists for each service you offer. Then, once you add videos that pertain to these services, a playlist of “like” videos will create content streams that can be viewed by potential customers, fans or clients.
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