Mobile Development

mobile-dev4Every day, users interact with their mobile devices to access information about businesses by visiting their websites or mobile app. The trend is only going to continue to grow, and being prepared to welcome these users is essential in converting them to a customer.

At Boston Web Group, we specialize in mobile optimization to get your website mobile responsive on any device. This will help make your business appear up-to-date with current trends and welcome these mobile users with the look and feel they have come to expect.

Let’s take a look at what the key elements are for mobile responsivity, and what you need to know



What is Responsive Web Design?


Responsive Web Design is all about making your website break down into segments that appear with a mobile-centric user interface. This is typically done by adjusting the real-estate of the page and making things easier to interact with on a touch screen.

This allows your content to appear in a manner optimized for whichever device the user is on, without worrying about making updates to a different version of the website.

Key Features of Responsive Design


Responsive Web Design is all about three main features:

  • Grid Layouts – Grids allow developers and designers to stack elements on a page when going mobile.
  • Flexible images – Allowing for images on the page to change size to better fit the screen
  • Media Queries & Screen Resolution – This allows us to check the size of the screen and change the page layout.

Why Responsive Design?


The total number of users on mobile devices is growing at an unbridled pace, while the number of desktop users have essentially hit its peak. 2013 is the year that mobile users are expected to outnumber desktop users, and will continue to grow for several more years as mobile devices become more readily available around the world.

Rise in Mobile Web Browsing


The numbers speak for themselves for why you should have a mobile ready website

Market Share for Mobile Web Browsers


Advantage of Responsive Web Design


Building with responsive web design helps you save time and money in the long run. No longer do you need to build a completely separate site for mobile visitors. Responsive Web Design helps your Search Engine Optimization (SEO), improves web server performance, and has much wider browser support because it adapts to any web browser.

Google Recommends Responsive Design


It is recommended by Google to follow the best practice of Responsive Web Design, because it allows the same exact content to be displayed in a user-friendly way across all devices. This is a huge part of the concept for dividing your websites data and appearance from each other.


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