Setup And Access Your Webmail

Webmail is a great feature offered by Boston Web Group via your cPanel hosting account. You can access email from any PC connected to the Internet. There are two ways to log into webmail supplied with cPanel. Access webmail through cPanel (Administrator Access Only) Access webmail via direct link. (For Email Users) (directions below) Access … Read more

Doing Good is Feeling Good -Save The Cats!

We found this to be a reputable site doing admirable work, helping to heal and rehabilitate helpless animals.  We made a small donation, and we hope that you will to.  Do good, feel good, live happy!   36 Bacon Square, Plainville, MA, 02762 ~ Message Center: (508) 203-4240 ~ 8/22/12 Dear Boston Web Group, … Read more

SSL Certificates (Required For Shopping Carts)

GeoTrust SSL Certificates QuickSSL® Premium (best value) $99/yr RapidSSL® QuickSSL® QuickSSL® Premium True BusinessID True BusinessID with EV (recommended) True BusinessID Wildcard Validation Type Domain Validation Domain Validation Domain Validation Organization Validation Extended Validation Organization Validation Details of Validation Validates Domain is registered and approved by an admin for commerce. Validates Domain is registered and … Read more

Switching To Gmail Using Google Apps

Are you using Gmail instead of Webmail? Read this guide! Google Apps Email Walkthrough The first thing you need to do to start using Google Apps is sign up for it. There is a premium service which costs money, and a standard service which is free. We will use the standard edition. Sign up! Google … Read more