Our Technical Skills & Languages

We use flexible and scalable technologies that have been proven to solve a range of needs from extremely complex and unique, to plain and simple. Our team of intelligent, creative and adaptive people possess the ability to process and learn anything that comes our way.


If you think you need something that you do not see – don’t hesitate to ask us if we can do it. Our acumen is dictated by the work that we encounter, and for the past few years, the majority of that work has been largely PHP/MySQL and Javascript related. This has organically become our strong suit, which also allows us to have competitive pricing based on our experience.

We are experts at creating the mobile-responsive sites that will adapt to whatever size screen they are being viewed on. Mobile devices are taking up a larger share of internet traffic every year. Ensure your site looks and functions beautifully on all types of devices with Boston Web Group’s high-quality Responsive Web Design.

Creative Problem Solving

With experience building complex solutions across several major platforms, we have the skills to take almost anything you can come up with, and design a customized architecture to fit your specific needs. This means if you are not happy with the standard open source technologies, CRM’s or CMS’s, we can build a completely custom one that works just for your business.

Digital Excellence and Strategy

Whether you are looking for a simple blog, a social network, or custom software for your business, we have a solution. Don’t fall behind with bringing yourself into the digital age with high quality tools to help you succeed. You can rely on Boston Web Group for honest opinion, modern strategy, and flawless execution.


Languages and Technologies

We know, use, understand and embrace a wide array of programming languages. The list is too long to post, and although our most comfortable area is the LAMP stack, we will occasionally take on work that involves ASP .NET or other technologies. Most of the popular open source Content management systems that we end up working on use the LAMP stack, such as Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, etc. Some of the languages we’ve had experience with in regards to these popular CMS’s include JQuery, Javascript, Ruby on Rails, PHP5, PHP7, Python, and more.

If you can dream it, we can build it

There’s no harm in asking us what our strategy or approach would be to building your project. Perhaps you are not aware of some of the latest technology, or perhaps as of the time this was written, technology has changed. We are always learning and watching out for the latest and greatest that the community has to offer. If nothing out there is suitable to your needs, we can build a complete custom solution to meet your expectations down to the pixel.

You should always play it safe by asking us what we can offer you. Ready to get started? Submit your Request For Proposal (RFP) to us today, for immediate support.