The Importance of Company Culture

Company culture is an essential part of any modern workplace environment. A strong company culture helps employees and clients feel more comfortable when interacting with a company because they know what to expect. Presenting a strong company culture can also reinforce the idea that a company cares about it’s employees. Any company who chooses to invest time into their company culture is making a beneficial investment. Here are some of the top benefits of having good company culture.


  1. Employee Retention – Companies who take time build company culture and show their employers they are valued with often have higher production levels and their employees will stay more committed to the work at hand and doing their best job. Companies that have more resources for their employees will see a higher retention rate and productivity levels.When companies have poor company culture – 48% of employees will start looking for a new job sooner than later.
  2. Company Culture is Brand – We all know how important branding is, but did you know how important company culture is to your brand ? A great way to brand yourself is to brand yourself as a great place to work, and a great place to buy product or services from. The happier your employees are the happier your clients are.
  3. Company culture can make employees advocates – What better way to have a positive review than by someone that works inside the company ? What you do internally will eventually show itself externally in the form of happy clients, and employees When you show your employees that you care they’re more than likely to become advocates of the company culture and will think of ways to improve it themselves which means your company culture never stops growing!
  4. Company culture equates to team building – When all of your employees are treated like they are valued your company grows into a team. Having a team instead of specific employees that do certain job means everyone is always on the same page and thinking about how they can ensure the company flourishes in a way that is inclusive to everyone.
  5. Better on boarding – You’re more likely to have a better on boarding process and have more people want to onboard with your company whether they be clients or employees when you have a strong company culture that everyone will want to be a part of.


In conclusion, having a strong company culture will not only better your work place but it will also better your client relationships and give your employees something to look forward to. Company culture is extremely important to a well-managed company and sets you up for success in the long run.