Boston SEO Do’s and Don’ts

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an ever changing world as the algorithms determining the most valuable content and SEO best practices are updated. We’re constantly learning here at Boston Web Group how to appease Google & other search engines to get our clients’ sites showing up on the top of page 1. Though optimizing for Boston SEO is mysterious to most we’ve mastered the techniques required to help your site rank for the search terms that are most valuable to you. If you’re having a hard time figuring it out we have some Boston SEO do’s and don’ts that may help you. If you’re still feeling like Boston SEO is a mystery then call the professionals at Boston Web Group to help you!

Do: Write in a tone that is clear and concise but also easy to read. Important keywords that you’d like your site to rank for should be included in every piece of copy added to the site. You want to write about your product in a way that is humanistic but informative at the same time. Imagine how you get bored reading facts all the time, your readers will too.

Don’t: Write in a way that is robotic or unclear to readers, after you’ve finished your article re-read it a few times to make sure the readability is friendly and informative at the same time. Including the same keyword too many times can also cause content on the page to feel illegitimate and search bots to label the page as spam. You don’t want to overload your article with keyword after keyword, your readers will catch on and lose interest.

Do: Optimize your site for desktop & mobile visitors. User experience is important for engagement rates and returning customers. The search engines will also pick up on underlying errors on your site, so keeping your site up to date is important. Our Boston SEO team recommends installing the latest updates that will ensure a better user experience.

Don’t: Optimize your site specifically for only one platform, you need to make sure that your site is cross-device compatible. Some of your top visitors might be coming from different devices including iPads, Mobile Devices, Laptops & Desktops. If you’re optimizing your site only for search engines and not visitors you might not see the engagement and conversion rates you want.

Do: Invest heavily in your social media presence. Our Boston SEO team thrives by creating intelligent social media presence for our clients. We create diverse social media plans for long term search results. It’s considered one of the best “free” ways to enhance your SEO whether you choose to do it yourself or have our Boston SEO team invest in a social media strategy for you. Whenever we see a content opportunity we always take full advantage of it.

Don’t: Not take advantage of these ways to promote your product or services. The more relevant content you or your Boston SEO team puts our into the social environment the better your SEO will be. It’s a way to show your clientele that you like keeping your content up to date as well.

Do: Offer the search engines diverse forms of content in the from infographics, videos, & photos. Some people love to read but some are also more engaged in videos and picture content.

Don’t: Only offer text content to your users. By offering only text content you’re only appeasing a small amount of the audience and not the entire audience. Our Boston SEO team offers content creation in the form of video, photography, infographics & other forms of creative content to our clients so we can make sure they’re reaching as much of an audience as they can.

By following some of these do’s & don’t from our best practices for Boston SEO you can improve your organic SEO and make sure you’re reaching as many prospective clientele as possible. Here, we specialize in strategy, optimizing your content, website, and social media presence. If you’re still unsure about how to start using these SEO practices to your advantage call our Boston SEO team to learn how we can develop a strategic content plan for you.