Capabilites and Services

At Boston Web Group, we help you organize your idea from a concept, put that concept into a tangible creation, and then put that creation into circulation and practical use for your unique purposes.


This is likely the first step. It’s amazing how much time, money, and effort you can save when approaching a project by simply having a 1 hour consultation with a knowledgeable staff of individuals at BWG.

Strategy Development

We are digital experts, problem solvers, and we’re ready to clear the fog so you can make a good decision- regardless of where you buy.

Multi-Channel Media Marketing

Some of our clients require content deployment across a number of digital channels, ranging from videos, websites, podcasting services, and digital pre-roll ad systems.  The main center piece is typically Video Production. We’ve coined the phrase Multi-Channel Media Marketing, which we refer to as “Multi-Chan” for short or just MMM.

Intelligent Software

Our team has produced custom software for the auto industry, moving industry, entertainment industry, to name a few. All of our products and programming languages are adaptable for your specific needs, and we provide SaaS software applicable to any industry. Using the proper technology can help your business succeed. If you have been looking at a CRM, ERP, or CMS solution, contact us for a consultation.

Mobile APP/Website Development

We provide mobile software development service for Android, IOS and Windows. Create an app that makes it easier for your customers to do business with you, or turn your idea into an app that you can sell. Of course, we can develop your website to function perfectly in all devices, such as iPad or mobile.

Creativity & Creative Conent

We possess a unique blend of creative and technical skills, a combination which allows us to deliver creative strategies for your projects. A majority of our staff are artists, with a left brain approach to the creation, delivery, and presentation of your product.

Website Design

We create great websites that speak your brand, solve your issues, and help you manage content, with the latest Content Management Systems.

Website Development

Our team solves your unique issues by creating custom solutions for your specific needs. We provide custom or existing SaaS services, or website software as a service in the cloud, to help your business run its day-to-day procedures. Our team will identify the appropriate technology, programming languages or strategy using your chosen language to develop a custom ERP, CRM, CMS, or other software for your business.

Custom CMS

At times, the standard commercially available CMS software that is publicly available on the market does not meet the needs of your specific project. In that case, we have developed our own proprietary Custom CMS that will focus strictly on your personal needs. We can support millions of users, stay sleek in design, and minimal in load time.

WordPress Customization

WordPress has become extremely popular, with fortune 500 companies adopting the software, and a range of other users internationally, it’s become a top choice based on ease of use and reliability. Our team are masters at handling, managing, and customizing the ever popular WordPress platform. If you are struggling with WordPress Website Design, or general styling or programming issues, we can help you.

Conversion Analytics

We study the science behind how to capture, captivate, and convert your customers. By implementing the correct content, SEO strategy, and CTA’s on page, you can not only captivate your audience but convince them to take the actions you want.

Search Engine Optimization

Your service or product requires visibility in order to be consumed, and search engines can help you become visible to a larger audience. We understand the subtleties of how Search Engines work, the importance of white hat SEO methods, and how to analyze metrics to fine tune your results. The impact that Search Engine Optimization will have on your business is transparent and quantifiable.

Video Production

We’ve become masters with cameras, lighting, editing, and creative Video Content that we use to separate our clients from our competitors.  Find out how to become a Content Authority on your subject matter, and why Video is an important part of that process.

Reputation Management

Are you losing customers because of out of control reputation, bad reviews, or disgruntled customers? We can help you reclaim your good standings and rebuild your customer’s trust by actively boosting your online reputation.


BWG understands that branding your company is a critical step, our process will provide you the options that you need to make the best choice. Choose from an array of interesting design choices and benefit from our consultation on your brand choices.

Graphic Design

We have a mastery of Photoshop and Illustrator, our graphic design experience in print & web is extensive, and our creative abilities can help you determine a good approach for your project’s presentation.

Direct Mail

Direct Mail is a sure way to reach your audience and get results, and those results are contingent upon the Design, the Delivery, and the Offer. The Design is critical because it captures the attention of your consumer, and every nano second counts. The Delivery is important because your offer must reach the consumer at the opportune time, and typically you’ll mail more than one time before they take action. The offer is the most important item; without this the first 2 items are useless. Our extremely creative staff will design a beautiful mailer for you and determine an effective mail strategy with you.

Staff Training

Call us to schedule a WordPress Training or Joomla Training and get to know the world’s most popular CMS. Enroll in our 2 day SEO education program for your staff, and learn daily team-oriented tasks that will boost your rankings.

Outsourcing service

BWG is your back-office resource, providing you with a fast turnaround on completely white-labeled products and service for your workflow overload.

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