Your Brand name should be both strong & memorable as you enter your Market.  After you’ve consulted our Graphic Design department, you’ll have some examples to look over immediately. The Brand Design includes the name, logo, logo type and fonts, domain name, and general Brand Identity elements. Your Brand Design may include 1 main Logo Design, but many Fonts, and 2 colors, which collectively make up the Brand’s Identity.

All of this is born from forms of Digital Art.

You’ve taken every precaution to make sure your business, idea, or concept is flawlessly executed and well represented – and now you need a website to compliment that effort. Your Website Design should embody the exact and most specific portrait of those ideas, with as little compromise as possible.


Great graphics and overall awesome Creative Design can communicate your ideas. Art makes it better, more interesting, and easier to consume.

Art makes it better


We are Creative Minds

We are artists, with a mastery of creative programs like Illustrator & Photoshop. We make your project vibrantly come to life with practical time lines. Our perspective on creativity is rooted by your idea, unique approach to your marketing plan, and specific information taken from our discovery process.

We make your ideas happen

Its easy to get started. You can submit your design concept on the back of a napkin, and we will translate it into rich media and vibrant graphics. Alternatively, you can describe the concept of your design in extreme detail as possible, and it will be translated into a colorful rendition of your dream.

Art meets Technology

When you come to Boston Web Group, you not only receive the latest in technology, but also the highest quality graphics which ultimately make your website stand apart from your competition.