How to use Pinterest to boost your SEO

Pinterest is a very widely used social platform by many people. It’s often times utilized for recipes, DIY projects, and beauty tips. Utilizing Pinterest as a social platform may seem like it won’t have an impact, but it can actually boost your SEO and your web presence and here’s how!


  1. Create a business account – Instead of promoting your business from a personal Pinterest page make sure that your account is create as a business account. When using a search engine typing for specific keywords your pins have a better chance of showing up, attaching them to a business profile helps your SEO even more as it will drive traffic to your website.
  2. Optimize your profile – Including specific keywords in your About Me section of your business profile will help your SEO along with having an optimized account name. Think about your consumer and what they would google to find you.
  3. Set up multiple boards – Setting up multiple SEO friendly boards means setting up boards specific to a set of keywords that consumers would use to find you. DIY boards are good, but if it’s something super specific be as specific as possible! So for example, you’ve figured out how to make a DIY Lilac Scented Candle. You should name the board “DIY Lilac Scented Candle” instead of just under a board named DIY.
  4. Add a Pinterest icon to your website – Adding a Pinterest social icon to your website will allow customers visiting your website to see your Pinterest icon and visit your account that way. It’s an easy way to let your clients know that you like to maintain an active social presence and a good way for search engines to recognize that you’re constantly putting new content into the ecosystem.
  5. Be specific – The description area to describe your pin is a perfect place to add SEO value to your pin. The box allows for a 500 word description which is a perfect place to add valuable keywords that are specific to your pin and great for SEO value.
  6. Post your pins elsewhere – Posting your pins to Facebook, LinkedIn or in an Instagram story is a perfect place to get more user engagement and a great way to remain active on social media.
  7. Create engaging and informative content – Pinterest is a perfect place to explain the knowledge or your product or services by creating informative infographics that help better explain what you do or how your product works. It’s also a great pace to post blog posts in a pin that will drive users to your website to learn more about your products or services.
  8. Be colorful – People are more drawn to the use of multiple colors, when you create infographics or photos for your pins your best bet is to use more color or colors that are specific to your brand. By creating images that are colorful or brand specific you’re maninting a colorful online presence.


Pinterest can be a little tricky to understand at first as it’s vastly different than the other social platforms that we’re used to using. Though it’s foreign to a lot of people it’s a very user friendly way to boost your SEO and allow your clients to see engaging and informative content.