Project Description


Words, when combined with moving images, create video.

Video has absolutely captivated the human imagination since the advent of cameras and the first silent film.

Video Production has become a service of Boston Web Group based on our client’s needs for fresh Content that sets them apart from the competitors.  The appeal of video production is easy to understand – it’s engaging and entertaining in ways that traditional advertising channels can’t replicate.

Boston Video Productionclick here to watch the reel with music


Consumers are pressed for time, and conditioned for instant gratification — meaning almost everyone will naturally gravitate to video over other types of content.  Video also sets a bar for competing businesses, allowing google to discern whom has higher quality content contributions. The whole concept of internet virility is tied to video production. We put you at the forefront of this movement, reaping the many SEO benefits and making your business the “star” of the show.

Boston Video Production

Video Production is an important element of your SEO campaign. Creating high-level content is a great way to separate yourself from the rest of your competitors with cutting edge content.  Check out this video reel of some of our client’s videos spanning from mid 2016 through early 2017.  We’ve done some great Video Production, including corporate videos, restaurant videos, personal lifestyle videos, tech videos, event coverage, s