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What is SEO

Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) is the method that makes your website highly visible within Search Engines, such as Google. Of course, you’re also becoming more visible to the massive amounts of consumers who are searching for your product or service today.  If you’re looking for more traffic on your website, SEO is the answer.

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Search Engine Optimization: How

If you’re in business to win business, you’ll want to be where your customers are.  SEO is an “owned” strategy, versus a “rented” strategy. That means, you own your search rank that is connected to your websites or digital assets. 

There is a cyclical process of analysis and implementation.  The SEO analysis covers your specific business in your real time environment – there is no “one size fits all” solution for SEO.  The implementation is unique to the business you are in.

SEO is a long-term commitment to winning a marathon. SEO is not a short sprint to a quick payout – like PPC. With SEO, you’ll have an opportunity to be more visible in your market place, and your new prospects will have a higher chance of discovering your business.


Creative SEO Strategy 100%
On Page Optimization 100%
Various Types of Content 100%
Backlink Strategy 100%
Analyze & Implement Changes 100%
Server Optimization & Content Delivery 100%
Continuous Social Content Delivery 100%
SEO Content Boston

SEO Strategy

We’ll do a Discovery on your SEO project that lets us know your goals and defines your SEO Strategy. It’s based on simple concepts such as where you are, what you’ve been doing, who your organic SEO competitors are and where you want to go.

Updates & Compliance

On-page Search Engine Optimization will ensure that your website is up to date, compliant with best practices for SEO, and fast. We’re masters with wordpress website design, but if you dont have wordpress- that’s ok. Essentially we need your website to look & perform great for your many new prospects that will see it.

Content for SEO

We provide zero-risk high impact white-hat SEO. Your organic SEO content is leveraged so that your website will prosper from the given content. After all, we want you to become recognized by google as a Content Authority, and you’ll need SEO content to help that effort.

Let’s Start

Pay Per Click

We’re google Partners, we’re great with Adwords (now called Google Ads) and we can get your listing on the top of the page the minute you signup.

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Organic SEO

Organic SEO has more long term benefits than a “rented” presence through PPC.  You’ll “own” the rankings connected to your digital assets.

When you hire us to obtain Organic Search Engine placement on your behalf, your website will show up in the area below the top area where the PPC advertising is displayed. We help you obtain your organic ranking so that your business can benefit from the visibility. This is referred to as Organic SEO, or Organic Search Engine Placement.

Our service is 100% white hat SEO – this means we do not take any risky measures when helping you optimize your website for visibility. As a result, our clients do not experience drops in rank when the Google algorithm changes. We change with the updates; adopting solid techniques, creating original content, and implementing strategies that work.