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Mobile Responsive Websites

Responsive website design indicates that the website design will automatically re-size to fit the phone/device/screen that you’re reading it on.  When we design your website layout, we look at “breakpoints” that occur for smaller screen sizes.  This means that there are certain screen sizes that will show for widescreen desktop monitors, laptop screens, the tablet and, of course, the mobile phone.

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Boston Website Design


Boston Website Development

Boston Web Group provides you with a unique website that caters to your specific business needs. Everything we do is centric to SEO and converting visits into leads, including the features and function of the website design. You may need a custom solution for your site, or custom functionality that makes sense to incorporate into your fully developed website design.

Website Development can include 100% automation of all your internal processes, with back-end features that allow activity management. Find out how custom Website Development can make your business run smoother. We’ll help you design a Content Management System that help you manage your online business in any way that you can imagined.