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Mobile Responsive Websites

Responsive website design indicates that the website design will automatically re-size to fit the phone/device/screen that you’re reading it on.  When we design your website layout, we look at “breakpoints” that occur for smaller screen sizes.  This means that there are certain screen sizes that will show for widescreen desktop monitors, laptop screens, the tablet and, of course, the mobile phone.

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Boston Website Design


Boston Website Development

Boston Web Group provides you with a unique website that caters to your specific business needs. Everything we do is centric to SEO and converting visits into leads, including the features and function of the website design. You may need a custom solution for your site, or custom functionality that makes sense to incorporate into your fully developed website design.

Website Development can include 100% automation of all your internal processes, with back-end features that allow activity management. Find out how custom Website Development can make your business run smoother. We’ll help you design a Content Management System that help you manage your online business in any way that you can imagined.



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CMS Design


Custom Web Design

Are you a trailblazer with a new idea? Sometimes, what you need is simply not available. Do you need completely custom, never before seen, state of the art custom Web Design? Perhaps you are looking to enter into your market with a unique website, or digital software, to help you dominate your business. You may need something that is specific to your individual procedure, product, and customer base. It is wise for you to investigate some Custom Website Development with us, to help you meet your needs.

Manage your own Content

Yes, you can manage your own content and make updates when it’s convenient for you, with a standard or custom Content Management System. In the city of international fame for education, healthcare, and sports, the Boston Web Development possibilities are only limited by your imagination. You’ll be able to manage your own website content, inventory, schedule, subscriptions, product – or whatever it is you’re advertising online. If you don’t want to manage your own content or data, we’re available to do it for you.


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Develop ROI from your Website

At Boston Web Group, our team of qualified professionals can modify, enhance, and develop your new website and it’s technology & brand it with your company’s signature design standards. BWG can provide you with an amazing internet presence, sophisticated web design, and custom Wordpress Website Design. We are extremely creative Boston Web Design professionals, Boston Website developers, and Boston SEO experts.  Our goal is to raise your inquires and sales opportunities, so that you’ll raise your spend on more successful Digital Campaigns.


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Website Design

Your website’s “look” and experience should reflect your Brand Strategy. The Website Design should encompass User Interface (UI) User Experience (UX) and speak directly to the ideal customer groups that you have selected as targets.  Web Design starts with an idea, a concept for an audience, and a well thought out path for that audience to follow.


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Website Development

Your website’s development (inner-workings) should represent functionality that will enhance both your User Experience and your website’s usefulness. Website development is everything that is done “under the hood” to make sure that things are working properly.  For instance, a calendar, a contact form, social media login features – or anything you can thing of. What will you dream up for us?