Our new (really cool) location: in Wakefield !

It’s happening again, we’ve just opened up a new location. This time, in the beautiful downtown Wakefield area – we’re super happy to be here!

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 6.43.00 PM

Of course, it’s worth mentioning that we are in the “Design District” of downtown Wakefield, which is exactly where we want to be.  Naturally, we fit right in, and there are some great businesses near us: including a massage therapist, landscaper, realty office, electrolysis, dance studios, kids ceramics, art studios, a few salons, vape shop, and lots more – just on our street alone.

The building we occupy is a stunning feat of architecture -if you visited our 333 tremont location, you’ll remember that it was completely circular, sprawling out across 14k square feet! We love Downtown Boston, and now we love the “small town charm” of Wakefield!  

The first floor of our space at 333 tremont
The first floor of our space at 333 tremont

The wakefield headquarters does not disappoint, it’s also rounded on all corners, with master craftsmanship, circular skylights, and a modern art-deco Miami/SoCal design to it. In the first level it’s completley open format felx-space. On the second level we have hardwood floors, full kitchen, cool architecture, and a Solarium space in the back- which we are currently filling up with plants from the Boston Wholesale Flower Market.

Check out the photos!

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Come visit us soon!