Increase Efficiency of AdWords Campaigns with Campaign Experiments

Google AdWords has quickly become the best way for businesses to target new customers. With AdWords businesses of all sizes are able to specify a budget, create an ad, and identify keywords to promote themselves to customers that matter. An AdWords campaign can get your business’ search listing on the first page fast with a carefully crafted bidding strategy and effective keyword choices. Google is the first place that many individuals go when looking for new services and you can be the first thing they see with Boston Web Group’s expert AdWords Campaign Management services.

targeted adwords campaign management

Boston Web Group understands that the methods used to achieve an efficient AdWords campaign are always changing. Keywords will become more and less popular causing search volume to fluctuate and necessitate changes to an AdWords campaign. There are always new ways to get better performance and one that must always be kept in mind is updating your pay-per-click campaign’s ads to target trending keywords. A user wants to click on a link that will bring them to exactly what they’re looking for. Creating ads that are relevant for specific terms is a great way to get more clicks on your ad.

Google AdWords includes the AdWords Campaign Experiments functionality so you can test any changes to your campaign on a limited section of your account’s activity. With AdWords Campaign Experiments you can test out any changes made and see exactly how well they worked before making changes to an entire ad group. Setting up an experiment is simple, choose what you would like to test, specify how long you would like the test to run for, and determine how much of your activity you would like to run the experiment on. You will have the ability to select exactly how much of your activity you would like designated for experiment to get a clearer picture of how the updates impact performance.

AdWords Campaign Experiments allow users to gain valuable insight into the effect that making changes to a campaign will have. Often an experiment will play out as expected and the update will be pushed live. Other times, however, an AdWords Campaign Experiment will reveal user behavior that wasn’t expected, leading to more refined edits to ensure a successful AdWords Campaign.