Local Customer Spotlight: Nancy Sposato

From time to time, we highlight our client’s projects.

Here is : Nancy Sposato of Infinity Acupuncture

Infinity Acupuncture, is a Wakefield-based acupuncture business. Since 1995, owner Nancy Sposato has treated and resolved health issues ranging from stress, back pain, and menopause to labor and delivery. As a nationally board-certified acupuncturist, Sposato is well-positioned to help her clients alleviate the symptoms that can cause problems with:

  • IVF/Fertility
  • Perimenopause
  • Menopausal Symptoms
  • Weight Issues
  • Mood Swings
  • Hormonal Imbalance

She is also certified in Shiatsu massage and Chinese herbology. As a dedicated healer, her mission is to empower people so they can live their best life possible.

We feel she is a wonderful addition to the array of holisitic Wakefield healers and service providers in the area. Her office is located at 63 Albion Street, within a building that contains other Wakefield holistic healers, such as Al Costanza (board certified Functional Medicine Practitioner with the American Naturopathic Medical Association), Erin Calnan (massage therapy), and Deborah Capuano (Polarity Therapy, Massage, & Craniosacral).


Nancy Sposato working on a clientNancy Sposato

The original Infinity Acupuncture website was done quickly in 2016 and was in dire need of an update. There were many issues, it did not have a booking functionality, and was not accessible via mobile devices.

The original Infinity Acupuncture website

The Old Website

Nancy came to Boston Web Group with very specific wants and needs. Based on her desires, the new Infinity Acupuncture website features these upgrades:

  • A premium design on the WordPress platform
  • An online credit card processing and payment system
  • A health questionnaire that clients can download as a PDF 
  • Sophisticated plugins that can handle online appointments and bookings

Visit the new Infinity Acupuncture website at https://nancysposato.com/


The new Infinity Acupuncture website designed by Boston Web Group

Wakefield Website Design

The new website has earned Boston Web Group a five-star review. Thank you Nancy! We’re most pleased to receive a five-star review from a happy Nancy Sposato.