3 Major Updates That Google Implemented This Quarter

Change is the only constant thing in the world people say. Whether it is connected to our lives or not, but it is definitely more significant in the case of Google Updates. Yes, the internet giant is known to give surprises all of a sudden with a series of updates. What is even more surprising is, you won’t even know it happened. SEO experts themselves take time to understand. And all their efforts put forth day and night to reach the first page of search engine ranking goes in vain. Then again they have to rebuild. Recently, Google algorithm underwent an update i.e. the 2019 Core Algorithm Update and that churned a lot. Here are the three updates, which has been a big deal for all the SEO professionals.

Medic Update Reversal
Google came with an update in 2018 which was widely known as E-A-T Update i.e. Expertise-Authoritativeness-Trustworthiness. This update was to reward sites that were adhering to all these three attributes. These mattered a lot in determining the quality of the page. Apparently, it was found that several healthcare sites met all these criteria and started gaining a lot of visibility. The 2019 Core Algorithm Update reversed the 2018 update to a certain extent. Due to this, a lot of sites which gained visibility of the first medic update began falling down. Also in the contrary, the sites which declined due to 2018 update are now gaining more.

Search Intent Priority
According to several SEO experts, search intent is given more priority in the recent update. Hence sites which have lower bounce rates and high page views got benefitted from this update. To be more precise, a site which holds a user for more than 2 minutes gained a lot compared to the ones which impressed a user for a minute or less. Ultimately, the purpose of a web page was in question. SEO experts say that Google has Quality Rater Guidelines which checks for the value and purpose of a website to a user. For example, if someone is searching Organic Soaps, it is either to buy one or to know how to make one. Apparently, several sites in that niche were available in the search query for both. Hence not all users who search with intent of buying get relevant results. Therefore, relevant sites in a particular niche will rank higher if their user intent and search query go hand in hand.

Smaller Sites Gaining More
Page quality is decided by the EAT factor. Big brands have been utilizing this metric and dominating the online space quite easily. For example, Coca Cola and Pepsi are a big phenomenon worldwide. Irrespective of region, they sell well and are among the longest surviving businesses. It is unlikely, there might be a new brand which is possibly liked by as many, in a specific region, and is yet to reach the masses worldwide. This small brand will actually lose out as people eventually come online and search for Pepsi or Coca Cola to buy. This brand recognition is killing the emerging brands which rely completely on online promotions, say SEO experts. Luckily, the Core Update has benefitted such smaller brands. So as a brand if you have unique content that engages your visitor more, you will actually get more benefit out of this. Google also claimed this is not a major update in a tweet. In fact, they made changes to the already existing update done on August 2018. It did serve as a game changer to emerging websites and is more evident with the process too.