Why Content is King!

For more than a decade, one particular phrase has resonated in the SEO marketing world. That phrase is – Content is King! Whether SEO experts really mean it or not, this phrase has been used all over to explain the best way to improve Google rankings. It has become a slogan of all marketers due to catchiness and most importantly, it works. 

SEO services often turn to content marketing to get clients on page 1 because Google is constantly scanning the web looking for new content to add to its index. Regularly adding valuable content to a site is a great way to make sure your domain gets picked up by Google. Regularly publishing fresh content that includes important keywords related to your business is the best way to ensure Google connects your site to the right terms. Here are some other reasons why leading marketers say content is king.

Quality Engagement

Engagement was a reason why marketing was lacking some years back and that is why content began to matter. Everybody has a website, blog or a social media page, but they’re not utilizing these properly. Once a week, you might post something to your company blog, however of the 20 web pages in your website, only 12 are updated frequently and the others slowly and steadily. 

No one was to be blamed for this, it is your digital asset and not that many people were online those days right? But later on, people started taking it seriously and a term called influencer marketing arose. 

Coming to our point, we know that if someone visits your site you need to give them a solution. The solution will be relevant content. Having passive digital assets in the age of technological transformation will slowly kill your brand. Hence if you have relevant content highlighting the features and benefits of your products/services, you will actually benefit in getting more traffic to your site.

Make Your Site an Authority

Now let us come back to the solution part which we discussed before. People visit your site looking for relevant information. For example, a fisherman is looking to buy boats and he visits your site. If you educate him on the nitty gritties involved in boat manufacturing, you will gain his trust. Once you gain his trust, he is already convinced to buy from you. And he might become your influencer overtime. 

Drives More Traffic

Reaching the first page of Google Search or any search engine page for that matter, is quite essential for brands today. When you make profitable educational blog entries, drawing in recordings, and stunning sound meetings and post them all over your site, you’ll be carrying traffic to your website from everywhere. 

A portion of your clients are going to love perusing long structured blog entries and totally love you for thinking of them. Others are going to despise perusing blog entries yet love tuning in to digital broadcasts and they’ll hold tight to each word. Still others cherish watching recordings to get their data and will value each time you share an educational video arrangement on your blog. 

By focusing on these various kinds of media, you’ll pull in a greater and more extensive group of spectators to your blog, site, web-based social networking pages, and whatever else is advancing your business on the web. On the off chance that you offer substance in every one of these mediums, you’ll build up a sound group of spectators of potential clients that holds returning for a greater amount of your important data, astounding items, and astonishing administrations.