Project Description

WordPress Management

Featuring our own custom stack, running on dedicated servers, using the most efficient technologies available to provide website speed, security, and reliability.



The Facts

WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world. Also, the most hacked and mis-managed CMS.  Our service reduces your stress, saves you headaches, and keeps WordPress running smoothly.



Managed Wordpress

Dedicated Environment

Many choose low-end shared WordPress hosting, like GoDaddy, Bluehost, Hostgator, etc. Those people end up learning pretty quickly that there’s some shared vulnerability, and shared server resources – meaning your site could be slow, or hacked.   In contrast, our Managed WP servers are not shared.

Managed Wordpress

Fully Managed

Running WordPress usually means running plugins – lots of plugins. For most, this is usually the main point of vulnerability, many plugins just aren’t secure. Updating them can be a task, or even break your WordPress site! We manage, update, and ensure you’re running secure plugins.

Wordpress backups

Daily Backups

Running and storing backups is an extremely important part of our Managed WordPress Hosting service. With backups in place, if anything should happen to your site, we’re always able to restore your WordPress site safely back to it’s original state.

Managed Hosting


  • SpaceThe amount of physical hard drive storage for your website
  • Dedicated EnvironmentNot shared with any other websites
  • Free MigrationsWe'll do all the heavy lifting for you
  • Secure FTPUpload and Download files from your server with sFTP
  • Website BoostOur ultra-fast Wordpress servers running Litespeed & MariaDB with PHP7
  • CDNContent Delivery Network - serving your website from 100's of data centers globally
  • Google CloudServed from our customized Google Cloud Platform
  • Free SSLFree SSL certificates
  • Development SiteClone your main site and work on the copy for development
  • Support 50Site, file management - 60 minutes
  • Support 100Site, file management - 100 minutes
  • Support 150Site, file management - 150 minutes
  • Daily BackupsFor larger websites that accumulate lots of data, everyday
  • Advanced MonitoringAdvanced monitoring for brute-force and hacking attempts
  • Security PackageMalware removal, blacklist removal, website monitoring, CDN, Firewall
  • Email ManagementWe help setup, troubleshoot, and run your email
  • Auto ScaleAutomatically scales up resources so that your website can maintain traffic spikes


$50/ month
$50/ month
  • 5GBScalable


$100/ month
$100/ month
  • 15GBScalable
  • Included


$200/ month
$200/ month
  • 25GBScalable
  • Included
  • Included
  • Automatically provisions more server strength when needed
Wordpress Hosting
Would you like to learn more about the technical details of our platform? Please read this article, if you have more questions please feel free to reach out to us and discuss:




Lightning Quick

Our server technology is customized, built specifically to run WordPress 4x faster than your host, with Firewall, CDN, Litespeed, hardened OS, AntiVirus, Brute Force Protection, daily backups, and more.

Extremely Secure

You don’t have to pay for SSL certificates, Firewalls, or any other protection from bots. Our servers are secure like a presidential Concorde.

CDN Enabled

The Content Delivery Network serves your WordPress site from multiple servers, all over the globe. Our CDN helps deliver your website faster, based on the geography of the user, and helps blocks spam traffic.

Free Migrations

Migrating your website to our platform is extremely simple, there is no cost. We’re happy to run a side-by-side test, to show you the difference in performance.