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You need web hosting to show the world your website, think of it like a light bulb. When it’s on – you can see it. Without it- it’s invisible.

Our managed wordpress hosting plans are specific to Wordpress websites. However we can also host smaller websites, HTML, ERP, or other CMS software. We offer free migrations in most cases. We also offer email support, cPanel, support management for myriad purposes, and more.

Boston Web Hosting

Boston Web Group Logo designDon’t see the plan that you need? Require more hours per month? We also offer custom Service Level Agreements. Please contact your account supervisor to discuss, or call us 781.321.5159.

What about my Domain?

Your Domain (.com) points to your Web Hosting (our service) and displays your Website. It can be very simple, and it can also be very complex. We store your website securely, on our servers, and make it accessible for people browsing the internet. They find it by entering your domain name. Do you need a domain name? You can search for your domain here.

Web Hosting companies, like Boston Web Group, provide space on the internet for storing all kinds of data, information, videos, pictures, email, and the stuff that makes up your website. The online services (hosting) we provide make it possible for you to easily access the (website) data 24/7 on the internet.

Managed Wordpress

Managed Wordpress Hosting

Featuring our own custom stack, running on dedicated servers, using the most efficient technologies available to provide website speed, security, and reliability. Our Managed Wordpress Hosting service comes with, free backups, free SSL, 1 Hour of free support each month, and more.