Social Media Advertising – 5 Things To Know About Platforms That Will Convert

The digital exodus is ramping up day after day and paving the way for new opportunities for digital marketers. No wonder this is a competitive space. A concept like Instagram and Snapchat never existed some years before. But now, these are two of the most trending. Most importantly, the way businesses advertise has also changed. It is too late to say people are utilizing the best of social media advertising, as it is already well polarized in all regions around the globe. Now the question is, what to expect from these platforms and how to get the best results out of them. So here are five points which say the things you need to know about all these different platforms and understand how it helps in converting.

Reordering Page Sections in Facebook

If you look at a top notch ecommerce website, they will have their best selling products most visible. For example, a large percentage of people are buying watches on Walmart’s website –  Walmart will place watches more predominantly to easily navigate these users. 

Accordingly, you need to rearrange your digital assets as well. Whenever someone new visits your Facebook page, they might want to read about your business first and then look at your posts. Likewise, if you rearrange your page sections, users can easily navigate to the page they are looking for. Conveniently, Facebook offers you that option and not many are aware of it.

Creating a Tweet Collection in Twitter

As a fashion business, you will have created a lot of useful tweets for people. Let’s say you posted some catwalk pictures of your designs on your Twitter page and that’s been a regular task for some time now. When someone wants to look at your portfolio, they will want to see all of your relevant tweets i.e., all of your fashion catwalk tweets. 

In this scenario, you need to have a collage of all your Tweets for that particular subject. Twitter offers you that option and again not all fashionistas are aware of this fact. So, someone who wants to see your quality of work can easily look at the tweet collection and get inspired to do business with you. Therefore, it is a phenomenon which will help you score in the long run.

Messaging Someone Not in your Connection- LinkedIn

Remember how marketers were contacting people on LinkedIn? They would randomly send a connection request and wait for the recipient to accept it. Once the connection was accepted, they would shoot over a sales pitch, which more often than not, worked against them and eventually would get them blocked.

But the new feature in LinkedIn allows you to send a message, bypassing the need to send a connection request. Therefore, you don’t have to randomly send connection requests to people to get your message out to them. From there, they can decide to respond and connect based on personal interest.

Reposting on Instagram

Reposting is one option that is NOT available in Instagram. But luckily, there are other third party apps which allow you to do just that. These apps are integrated with Instagram and quickly reflect onto your page. Iconosquare, Webstagram, Photo Repost etc. are some of the tools that assist you to repost to Instagram.

Secret Boards on Pinterest

Secret board is an option in Pinterest, which again not all marketers are aware of. Before making boards live, one can save a preview. Also, in cases where you intend to surprise your customers, you can use this secret board and launch at the most appropriate time. This is one of Pinterest’s most wonderful features. Most importantly, Pinterest helps a lot of fashion, ecommerce and retail brands with their SEO practices. Hence this feature adds more value to the already valuable practice.

There are loads more social media platform features which deserve a special mention here that are essential to every brands growth. Across all of these platforms, companies are trying to leverage the complete benefits of social media advertising. Hence these features are simply small essential stepping stones to better grow your business.