Host Your Website With Us And Keep Your Email Server Elsewhere

How do I point my domain at Boston Web Group?

Without affecting my email server settings!

If you want to continue using your email with another service provider (like Go Daddy or Network Solutions) and have us host your website at Boston Web Group – all you have to do is edit your DNS settings in your domain control panel.  Those DNS settings are going to be found at the registrar – the place where you bought your domain.

Once you are in there, you want to point only your A Records to us.  Simply paste in the IP address that we give you.  An IP address looks like a phone number – – in fact it behaves a lot like a phone number as well !

Updating the A record will point your domain to our hosting service – without disrupting the MX records, which control your email service with your domain provider, such as Go Daddy or Network Solutions.