Pay Per Click Search Marketing

Boston Adwords Campaign

The name Pay Per Click illustrates the service perfectly; you “pay” for each click, or you pay “per click” for anyone that visits your website. When you run a Pay Per Click (PPC) Ad Campaign, you are going straight to the search engines and paying them directly to put you on the front page immediately. You can also advertise in the right hand column, and choose your placement to some extent. When your ad is clicked, your budget will reduce accordingly.

When to run a PPC Campaign

If you have a seasonal business, it’s probably a good short term solution for you to get leads immediately, but it’s not a good long term strategy. It works well as an additional measure to your Organic SEO campaign, you can run PPC. It’s never a bad idea to advertise, it really depends on the competition in your market.

Google Adwords for PPC

Pay Per Click marketing is not unique to Google, but google has perfected it in a number of ways which have been adopted by other companies. In fact other providers offer very similar PPC, such as Bing, Yahoo, and Facebook. We can teach you about and manage various methods of online advertising for additional lead generation specific to your business.

Search Marketing Budgets

There is no “set cost” to Pay Per Click ads. In competitive markets, your ad will only show up based on the amount of other advertisers, and their respective budgets. Pay-per-click advertising (such as Google AdWords) works in a democratic way – the highest 3 budgets maintain the top 3 spots. This means cost can fluctuate, and you wont be able to project the budget spend for the quarters to come, which means that competition joining the PPC race to the top will ultimately drives up the cost of your PPC campaign.

We are Google Partners

Boston Web Group manages your Organic Search Engine Placement, as well as various methods of online advertising for lead generation; such as pay-per-click (PPC) and Google AdWords. You have full access to detailed reports on where leads came from, whether they were paid or organic, and detailed information about the user, operating system, and more.