Multi Channel Media Marketing

When your message has to be formatted to reach multiple “channels” such as TV, Radio, Print, Web, Mobile, and other extensions of these channels, you need a Multi Channel Media Marketing approach to your content delivery.

Boston multi channel media marketingSome of this can be done with syndication (or automatic delivery of content) and some of it requires manual delivery or modification. The end goal here is to reach more customers in more ways.

For multi channel media marketing strategies to work, you have to understand how people are being reached, influenced and exposed to all of this data throughout their daily lives.

For instance, if you are targeting a very specific demographic, say teens, perhaps you might opt for social media networks. However, did you know that the 35+ demographic on Facebook is growing rapidly and represents over 30% of the entire user base? In turn, the teen demographic is turning to other social networking such as snapchat? Perhaps you want to target the 50+ demo, and you’re looking at some prime time tv spots, but did you know that 80% of the listeners on radio broadcasts that focus on “finances” like money and investing are 50+ with a portion of disposable incomes? Meanwhile you want to reach them on various channels, such as their facebook, hence Multi-Channel Media Marketing becomes necessary to organize.