Local+Listings SEO

Locally-Targeted Organic SEO

Creating local listings is an effective way of introducing geo-targeted data to the search engines. Of course, creating and managing a large number of your business listings, profiles, and accounts can be troublesome and time consuming. Have you ever come across a directory website with a business listing that has your company information on it? It happens all the time, maybe your information is old, or incorrect. How do you setup your local listings?

What “Local Listings” are:

Local Listings are the websites that appear to have information about your business, service, or product. Some of them publish this info without asking your permission.  In many cases, the information is outdated, incorrect, or just plain wrong.  It’s a good idea to claim, signup, and modify those listings so that they reflect accurate information and valuable backlinks. Some examples are Yelp, MapQuest, City Search, Yahoo, Merchant circle, and more.


The Social Reach service with Ad Central will instantly post your business information – including name, address, website, products, pictures, social media, products, offerings, hours, and a special Custom Message to over 30 major advertising websites to give you Enhanced Local Listings instantly.


These are consumer-based websites that already have millions of visitors and a good search engine presence.  Perhaps you already have some of these Local Listings and you are not aware of them? We re-claim them for you so you can own it, change it, and update it at will.


This is powerful for a few reasons.  First, you can save tons of your own time because we’ll automatically add this important information to each local listing.  Second, if you change your phone, address, or website, we can change that in all of the Local Listings site within minutes.  Third, you won’t have to sign up and manage 30+ different accounts individually.

1 Special Message, Everywhere, Instantly

The Ad Central system plugs your special special Custom Advertising Message into each of your business listing, allowing you to centrally change your seasonal message, coupon, or other special offer, in one shot.


This saves you time and money while enhancing your Organic Search Engine rankings! The result is increased visibility, easily managed business profiles on high traffic websites, and enhanced SEO.

YELP?! Catch & Resolve Bad Reviews

Tired of bad reviews affecting you before you notice them? We actively monitor your Local Listings for reviews.  Anytime you get a review, it appears in your account under your Reviews tab. Search, filter, save, and export your reviews by site or by location. You can also get a general sense of the reviews based on statistics.  Purely as an Online Reputation Management tool alone – this is extremely valuable to your business.


With the dashboard, you can get a 50,000 foot look-down on all your local business listings.  Check out the analytics that reveal key statistics on traffic, clicks, number of Custom Messages that performed well.  See which special messages you’ve run that have performed well, and drive more traffic – take notice of any increase in these statistics based on filling out these Local Listings with rich content.

Still looking for reasons to try this out? Call us today 855.355.SITE – we can help you understand if this works and answer your questions.