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At Boston Web Group, we love to create new things – everyday. Often times, we need to help a client develop a new name, obtain the related domains (get a .com), and establish a presence in their market.

This post is technically a client spotlight for a new brand that we helped to develop called The Snowbird Co, whom provides a Florida HomeWatch Service.

The client had selected an alternative name, logo, and developed a full website – but, intrinsically knew that it wasn’t quite on-brand for what they were doing.

In response, we

  • created a new name
  • registered the domain name
  • developed the logo
  • created the website
  • wrote the content
  • designed the print materials, business cards, flyers, etc
  • organized an seo campaign

Essentially, this service is for people who travel back and forth to Florida from their home state, and need home care & property maintenance. For anyone who has parents who travel between their home state to Florida for the winter (you know well, that) the nickname they choose to call themselves is: snowbird. Hence, the Snowbird Co was born.

The Snowbird Co

Making your business look good online is a personal journey, which can be slightly different for everyone. However, it can make a world of difference. Think about a formal event, such as a wedding. That’s how we dress your business!

snowbird card
Business card (back, with gold foil accent)
snow mlusepad

It’s a daunting process, for sure. But we’re experts and we make it easy for you. All you have to do it relax, give us your best input, and trust the process !

Take a look at the process:

Take a look at:

boston brand development
The Snowbird Co clear blackfont

Want to make your brand beautiful? It starts today. Reach out to us!