CrowdReview names BWG #1 among Boston Web Design firms based on Reviews!

Awesome new recognition, this time from a company that ranks other organizations by popular reviews! We were named as Boston’s Top choice based on reviews, for “Boston Web Design Companies” on this website, which filters companies based on the landscape of online reviews.

So who is this website that organizes reviews, on mundane topics like “Boston Website Design” firms, and then organizes them based on the top reviews? The site is called “” and here is what they are all about, according to their website.


How Do We Rank

Our Algorithm – Unbiased. Community Driven. Transparent.

Companies can’t buy their way to the top; they have to earn their way to the top.

We take the rankings on extremely seriously. Our algorithm is standardized such that it automatically determines the rankings of the companies based on their achievements and reviews. Simply put, there is no favoritism on

We’re super happy to be chosen by them as the top contender !

Obviously, reviews hold a lot of weight. We all do it, we’ll scroll straight to the reviews, and go right for the worst ones first. I mean who wants to read glowing reviews? Let’s see some drama ! Anyway, whether you’re on researching the best tents for your camping trip, or Angie’s list looking at the best handy man, reviews are really an important part of the research process. We’re heavily influenced by online reviews!

Basically, when you check out you’ll see that we’re the best Boston Web Design company according to popular reviews that they’ve searched through across the internet, yelp, Google plus, and probably a few others.  You should definitely check out who your prospective web designers are, make sure they are recognized or accredited, and getting some good reviews for their work!

Before you ask: NO, we didnt pay them for this!

We humbly show our appreciation of the recognition with a rel=nofollow backlink.

That’s an SEO joke =)

Thank you!